Grannitto Generator Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Grannitto Generator in Pakistan is Rs.28,499 and estimated average price is Rs.76,999.


Grannitto produces smaller sized generators that run on petrol. There are quite a few options to choose from, one can choose based on their need and budget as well. The prices of their range are towards the higher end.

Pros & Cons


  • Not eco-friendly

  • Noisy


Grannitto Power

A brand that is based in Pakistan, providing power solutions among other products. The generators are smaller portable variants that make for convenient power production on a small scale.

These are useful machines if you need to run a small space without any interruptions in power. Grannitto generators are mostly petrol variants. Petrol is not the most cost-effective fuel but a petrol generator is more silent than a diesel one and has a more hardy engine than a gas generator.

Petrol is also more easily available so if you get a Grannitto generator for a far-off place you will have access to fuel.


The Grannitto generators are available for mid to higher-end ranges, this depends on how much power it can generate. Which model you choose is a matter of how much electricity you need for your devices.

Price List

Model Price
Grannitto GT9600ES 7.0kVA Generator Rs. 125,499
Grannitto 1.2kVA Generator (GT2500ES) Rs. 28,499
Grannitto GT5000ES 3.0kVA Generator Rs. 60,499
Grannitto GT3600ES 2.5kVA Generator Rs. 65,000
Grannitto 3.0kVA Generator (GT5000ES) Rs. 54,499
Grannitto GT5600ES 5.5kVA Generator Rs. 135,000
Grannitto 1.2kVA Generator (ZH2000E) Rs. 32,499
Grannitto GT7600ES 6.5KVA Generator Rs. 145,000
Grannitto 2.5kVA Generator (GT3600ES) Rs. 46,499
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