Gorilla Tripod Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Gorilla Tripod in Pakistan is Rs.366 and estimated average price is Rs.990.


A Gorilla tripod has three strong flexible and adjustable legs that have the non-adjustable height to ensure that the strong grip is consistent. The ball component of the machanism can rotate the camera.

Pros & Cons


  • Flexible and adjustable

  • Travel-friendly

  • Durable and strong body


  • Need the practice to work the flexible legs perfectly

  • Does not extend the height of the legs

  • Wrapping mount is time-consuming


Photo & Video Equipment 

It can help capture steady and focused shots in various circumstances and low light setting. It can save the photographer or videographer time and energy as it takes seconds to erect and adjust to the environment. It can support heavy DSLR cameras is a fixed position for long durational periods for time-lapse, continuous shooting and long exposures. 

Quality Control

It is ideal to have a gorilla tripod on hand to stabilise the footage being capture as it can be used as a monopod as well by joining the legs together into a stick. The legs are ribbed to ensure that a firm grip can be made while holding the camera in place. It is important to hold the camera very still when using slower shutter speed in order to avoid unwanted blurring. A tripod will reduce camera movement and improves picture quality, helping you take the perfect sunrise or sunset. Unlike monopods, the gorilla tripod is able to grip on to branches, rods and other corners with its three-point contact designs. 


A gorilla tripod can be easily carried for backpacking travels and video logging shoots because of its compact size and lightweight material. For photographers and videographers looking to shoot in nature and the great outdoors having a gorilla pod can mean being able to shoot for hours in harsh environments. It will help achieve stable images and improve video settings ensuring your footage and photos are in focus. 

Adjustable Legs

A gorilla tripod can be placed in difficult corners or heights as its legs can be wrapped around things and objects. Shelves and branches become surfaces to place a gorilla tripod safely and securely while shooting. It gives the shooter the ability to place the camera anywhere and in unconventional angles that a regular traditional tripod would not be able to achieve. Giving the option to shoot up-close in a portrait frame or a little above the ground level.  

Camera Holder

It can be used to also mount a light or microphone that can be securely placed while shooting with other equipment. Giving the camera operator multiple options to shoot or photograph the scene. 

Popular Brand

The Joby company makes a Gorillapod Focus that is the strongest gorilla tripod that can carry a heavy load easily. It is Portable, compact with magnetic feet ideal for placing smartphones, action cameras or point & shoot cameras of up to 325 grams without breaking or falling. 

Price List

Model Price
Gorilla Tripod Stand, Large Gorilla Pod, Professional Tripo… Rs. 366
Gorilla Camera And Mobile Tripod Stand 813 - Rs. 1,060
Pack of 2 TikTok Small Gorilla & Sponge Flexible Octopus Tr… Rs. 1,000
Alogy Large Gorilla Pod Flexible Tripod Stand Octopus (8.55… Rs. 399
Alogy Large Gorilla Pod Flexible Tripod Stand Mini Octopus … Rs. 599
Gorilla DSLR Professional Tripod Rs. 2,000
Gorilla DSLR Professional Tripod - XL Large sm-829 Rs. 1,900
Gorilla Tripods Stand Rs. 600
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