Golden Rose Lipstick Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Golden Rose Lipstick in Pakistan is Rs.830 and estimated average price is Rs.978.


Golden Rose has a limited selection of lipsticks but the shades available are carefully selected to suit festive and formal occasions for mature and young women.


Golden Rose Lipstick is available in classic nude and red colours that are perfect for daytime makeup looks for lunch, brunch and hi-tea parties. There are a few brown shades that look glamourous and suit South Asian skin complexion. The Mini Velvet Mix is a highly popular set of lipsticks that have 6 micro Golden Rose lipsticks that can be blended in together to create the perfect colour for your skin. Their small compact size makes them easy to carry in a small bag or purse.

The Golden Rose lipgloss series has glamourous party colours that can be mixed to match your clothes to create bold and modern fashion looks for dinners, concerts and parties. There are also nude lipgloss shades available that can be worn to the office and parties because of their subtle shine and neutral shade.

Golden Rose Lipstick series includes water-resistant lip pencils that help shape the lipstick and holds the colour inside the lines. The traditional rollout Golden Rose Lipstick is affordable and comfortable to wear throughout the day. The multipurpose Lip & Blush is a Golden Rose Lipstick that can be worn both of the lips and cheeks. It has a matte finish that is quickly absorbed into the skin's natural moisture creating a natural and soft glowing makeup ideal for office wear.

Price List

Model Price
Golden Rose Satin Lipstick Rs. 830
Golden Rose 2000 Lipstick - 136 Rs. 911
Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick, 29 Rs. 1,050
Golden Rose 2000 Lipstick - 139 Rs. 911
Golden Rose 2000 Lipstick - 134 Rs. 911
Golden Rose 2000 Lipstick - 115 Rs. 911
Golden Rose 2000 Lipstick - 112 Rs. 911
Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick, 09 Rs. 1,050
Golden Rose 2000 Lipstick - 140 Rs. 911
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