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The Lowest price of Gold Nose Pin in Pakistan is Rs.64 and estimated average price is Rs.277.


The classic gold nose pin has been a celebrated part of South Asian women's fashion accessories. Numerous designs range from simple affordable studs to elaborate two-piece sets that are tied from the ear to the nose worn by brides.


If you are getting your nose pierced for the first time then using a gold nose pin is ideal as it is comfortable and will not drag the hole, helping it heal in a circle instead of diagonally when using a nose ring. The nose pin has many various styles but the simple gold stud is still very popular. These studs have a small crystal or diamond to embellish the pin that looks sophisticated and chic. The prices vary based on what a specific nose pin is made of.

Traditional Design

The original gold nose pin was simply a ring but over the years it has been transformed into a standalone jewellery piece using gemstones, crystals and a combination of metals to create tassels dangling off the pin. The choice is extensive making it easy to find the perfect gold nose pin for you. These classical designs can be worn to formal occasions such as weddings and fancy parties.


The contemporary designs use abstract shapes, flowers, stars, tribal symbols and geometrical shapes to create fun and playful motifs for women and men. The modern gold nose pin can even be used as a septum that is worn in the middle of the nose piercing the cartilage.

Price List

Model Price
Golden red and white crystal Nose Pin Rs. 125
Golden 4 stone Clip Nose Pin Rs. 200
Gold Plated Clip Nose Pin Rs. 69
Gold Plated Nose Pin Rs. 125
Gold Plated Clip Nose Pin Rs. 200
one stone Clip Nose Pin (For the pierced nose) Rs. 99
Gold Plated Clip Nose Pin Rs. 64
Real 12 Karat Gold Nose Pin with Small Stone For … Rs. 1,980
Beautiful Zircon 18K gold platted nose pin for gi… Rs. 649
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