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The Lowest price of Gobis Paint in Pakistan is Rs.645 and estimated average price is Rs.4,243.


Their products are high performance and have a strong coating that ensures protective shielding from any external damage. The easy to use application and careful attention to factors such as durability, low maintenance and long-lasting results.


Pakistani Paint Brand

The local Pakistani company called Gobi Paint has craved a name for itself as a premium house paint brand. They have a state of the art manufacturing facility based in Lahore with dealership and distribution all over Pakistan. The range of paints, emulsions and other products offered by Gobis are offering home solutions for decorative paint with strong formula and long-lasting results. Their products focus on delivering localised solutions such as paint peeling due to humidity and seepage. Their innovative blends of paints are decorative and automotive that are nationally popular and internationally available. 

Seal of Approval

The Gobis Paints company has the British Standard Specifications (UKAS) and the assurance of PNAC) that ensure their products are high standard quality. The quality control is monitored by expert technical staff at every level of manufacturing and selling. With the ISO 9001 Certification, Gobi Paints has achieved all the requirement of the Quality Management System (QMS) in 2008 which ensures that their business is of the highest calibre. Their parent company called Allied Paint Industries practice environmentally friendly manufacturing standards and comply with all international environmental legislations. They also strictly follow the regulations placed by the Government of Pakistan on eco-friendly and green paint manufacturing.


The interior paints are also interchangeable with exterior use saving your time and money when renovating the entire house. The Gobi Gold Series has the Aqueous Matt Finish that has more than 40 colours in a range of cool pastel tones and shades. The composition of the paint is water which adds to the silky finish and high colour payoff that is scratch proof. The smooth surface achieved with the Aqueous is easy to wash without worrying about colour fade or damage to the surface. There is no chemical smell as the solution is water-based and is completely environment friendly.

The popular Eggshell Finish Matt Enamel has strong binding properties that will ensure the paint stays fresh and on the walls without the reflective glossy effect. It is a high-quality air drying matt finish product that has a smooth film that is durable and washable making it easy to maintain over the years. It can used on interior wood, metal and masonry surfaces to protect them from daily wear and tear. It has a resistance to steam and moisture ideally applied in kitchens, laundry room and bathrooms that are hot spots of humidity and easily collect dampness. 

The highly popular Gold Series also has the Interior Emulsion product which is commonly used on interior wall of the home. It has over 60 shades that are elegant and sophisticated. The colour range is extensive with shades of pinks, cream, and blues along with warmer tones of browns and yellows. Other products include the Matt Enamel and Silk Sheen Emulsion that are thicker and come in both plastic emulsion iterations. The key features of the Gobis exterior paints are the protective weather shield that ensures the long-lasting results of their paints. There is also Wall Putty and Primer Sealer that helps prime the wall for painting colour and can be added to the paint solution to achieve strong binding formula. 

Gobis Paints also sells Timber Coating, Sanding Sealer, Road Markings and Powder Coating for industrial construction and repairs. 

Price List

Model Price
Gobis Wall Sealer (Quarter size) Rs. 645
Gobis Wall Sealer (Gallon size) Rs. 2,434
Gobis Wall Sealer (Drum size) Rs. 9,651
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