Goalkeeper Gloves Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Goalkeeper Gloves in Pakistan is Rs.500 and estimated average price is Rs.1,932.


Football has some basic equipment that is used for the game, goalkeeper gloves are worn by the goalkeeper to give his hands some protection as well as improving their grip. There are many options when it comes to goalkeeper gloves, one can choose based on the style they like as well as their budget.


Goalkeeper gloves

Even though gloves for the goalkeeper are not part of game regulations, most goalkeepers wear them for the advantages that they provide. Goalkeeper gloves help improve grip on the ball and help reduce stress on the skin. Some gloves have rigid sides along with the fingers too, these help prevent injuries such as finger sprains and fractures. Some goalies do prefer gloves without the supports as they provide better movability of the fingers.

The most commonly used material for goalkeeper gloves is leather or leather-like materials; some even make use of varieties of latex. There is some padding to soften the impact of the ball.

These gloves have various designs on them, similar to football shoes or cleats, with funky colours and graphic patterns. The brand that makes them is often prominently featured on them. One can even find the names and colours of well-known teams on goalkeeper gloves. There are also a lot of options from unknown brands that one can opt for if they want to purchase a cheaper option.


The price of goalkeeper gloves depends on what brand made them; prices range from the lower to mid-range.

Price List

Model Price
Chelsea Sports Football Goal Keeper Gloves Rs. 500
Lotto Sports Football Goal Keeper Gloves Rs. 850
Nam Club Goal Keeping Glove-Black Rs. 1,690
Topper Sports Football Goal Keeper Gloves Rs. 1,000
Nam Pro Goal Keeping Glove-Maroon Rs. 2,790
Nam Club Goal Keeping Glove-Yellow Rs. 1,690
Goalkeeper Glvoes Rs. 1,950
Nam Club Goal Keeping Glove-Blue Rs. 1,690
Nam Pro Goal Keeping Glove Rs. 2,990
100% polyester Goalkeeper Pant Padded hips and knees, elast… Rs. 2,500
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