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The Lowest price of Glysolid Cream in Pakistan is Rs.452 and estimated average price is Rs.802.


Glysolid Cream is a great way to keep your skin moisturised, it also helps the look and feel of your skin. An affordable product for your skincare.


Glysolid Cream has glycerine and allantoin in it but no mineral oil or petroleum substitutes. It is known to make the skin softer and smoother even after a single use. Also Glysolid Cream helps the skin remain moisturized, which in the long run keeps it healthy.

Glycerine is known to be antimicrobial so it provides the skin with a mild layer of protection and the humectant qualities help retain moisture. Many products that advertise glycerine in their products have lower levels of it, in this cream there is 50% glycerine, meaning the effects are also increased with such quantities.

Allantoin is from the root of the comfrey plant, this ingredient in Glysold Cream is also known to soothe the skin and protect it. With a keratolytic effect, allantoin also does work to reduce calluses and lesions by enhancing the shedding of upper skin layers that have dead cells.

These ingredients in Glysolid Cream makes it a great skincare product. The price is relatively affordable, so more people can make use of its positive qualities.

Price List

Model Price
Glysolid Glysolid Cream 125ml Rs. 452
Glyco-Aid Cream 30g Rs. 600
Glysolid For The Skin Cream 250ml Rs. 880
Glysolid Protects Softens Skin Care Cream 250ml Rs. 675
Glysolid Face Cream 125ml Rs. 575
Glysolid Body Lotion Musk 500ml Rs. 1,375
GLYSOLID Skin Cream, 250ml Rs. 800
Glysolid Cream Protects & Soften 125ml Rs. 590
Glysolid Protects Softens Skin Care Cream 250ml Rs. 880
GLYSOLID Skin Cream, 125ml Rs. 550
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