Glucose D Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Glucose D in Pakistan is Rs.149 and estimated average price is Rs.637.


Glucose D is a rehydration agent which is mixed into water and drank when on needs hydration or a little extra energy. It is priced at the lower end of the spectrum.


Glucose D

A standard rehydration energy drink that is made by a few different brands in the world. The main ingredient is called dextrose which is alpha-d-glucopyranose. The others include Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D; all these combined help a person when they are tired after sports or a long day. The main function is rehydration, which is what the combination is designed for.

Glucose D can be consumed by kids and adults, both. It comes in a powdered form that is in sachets, it is mixed with water and consumed. Due to it being powdered it acts fast, giving one the nutrients within minutes.


Glucose D has been in Pakistan for over 50 years and is produced by the Unilever brand.

A nominally priced product to purchase.

Price List

Model Price
Glaxose-D Glucose Powder 400g Rs. 149
Dextron-D Glucose-D Powder 400g Rs. 150
- D-Check Blood Glucose Sugar Test Strips 50 Rs. 1,150
D-check Blood Glucose Monitor Strips-pack Of 50 Strips Rs. 1,099
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