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The Lowest price of Gluco Biscuit in Pakistan is Rs.11 and estimated average price is Rs.79.


Gluco biscuits were introduced in 1987 and ever since then, they have been one of the most favourite biscuits of mothers and children in Pakistan. Check Gluco biscuits price in Pakistan on this page and read on to know more about their ingredients and caloric value.


Peek Freans, the decades-old biscuit brand in Pakistan is now known as English Biscuit Manufacturers or EBM. The company is based in Karachi Pakistan and owns the Pied Piper trademark. It joined Pakistan food industry in 1966 as Peek Freans Pakistan Limited. Currently, the company is running multiple biscuit brands Gluco being one of them. 

Gluco Biscuit Ingredients & Calories

There are around 45 calories in one Gluco biscuit. It contains 7g of carbohydrates, 1g of Fat and no Protein. Gluco biscuits are made with fresh butter, wheat flour, skimmed milk and sugar. The brand claims the biscuits to be a good source of potassium and essential vitamins as it contains milk and butter.

Wheat flour is used to make the biscuits crispy and the sugar is added to give Gluco biscuits a subtle hint of sweetness. They are not over the top sweet and provide energy that is good enough for one's normal activities. The biscuits are a healthy snack only if consumed in moderation. 


Those with diabetes, obesity, insulin impairment or other medical conditions should avoid consuming sugary products especially biscuits as they can give an instant insulin spike that can be dangerous. However, people suffering from low blood sugar conditions usually keep sugary snacks at hand for a sudden drop in blood sugar levels.

Price List

Model Price
Peek Freans Gluco Plus Biscuit H/R Mini Rs. 11
Peek Freans Gluco Biscuits (Family Pack) 163g Rs. 50
Peek Freans Gluco Snack Pack Rs. 120
Peek Freans Gluco Family Pack Rs. 50
Gluco Biscuit Half Rolls Pack Rs. 65
Peek Freans Gluco Biscuit Ticky Pack Rs. 125
Peek Freans Gluco Plus Biscuit T/P Box Rs. 124
Peek Freans Gluco Junior Biscuit Snack Pack Of 12 Rs. 120
PF Gluco Plus Biscuit H/R Rs. 26
Peek Freans Gluco Plus Biscuit F/P Rs. 41
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