Glass Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Glass Water Dispenser in Pakistan is Rs.19,950 and estimated average price is Rs.24,271.


A modern glass dispenser for beverages, there are plenty of designs and sizes you can choose from on our website. These dispensers can be made out of clear or coloured crystal, have texture or be plain depending on the product. Check out glass water dispenser designs on this page and buy the best one so you can serve water and beverages to your guests in style!


Uses & Types

Glass water dispenser with stand and tap is the most common design sold online. Most of them are made in China and are available in multiple sizes and capacities. You can use this type of dispenser to serve water or beverages to your guests. It can also be used to infuse and prepare detox water for weight loss or other health benefits. They come in all shapes and designs, most commonly seen shapes are the mason jar, candy jar, water cooler, teardrop etc. 

Hot & Cold Beverages

You can put hot or cold beverages in the dispenser, depending on the type and durability of glass used by the manufacturer. The cold beverages can be kept cold for long by putting ice along but hot beverages won't say that way and would need to be consumed quickly.  


Cleaning these dispensers is easy, just make sure not to run them through the dishwasher as the glass might get damaged or get pale over time. Washing them gently with hand using warm water and dishwashing liquid soap is a much better way to handle these delicate pieces.

Tips & Comments

The clear see-through design makes for a sophisticated decorative item and looks great when filled with coloured beverages. For summer parties, filling glass water dispenser with fresh lemonade, mint leaves, ice and lemon slices would give a refreshing feel. It will also add a decorative flair to your setting. You can buy these dispensers with glass stands and frames or go for the iron stands and frames for a rustic look.

If you also want simple stainless steel water dispensers, water coolers or purifiers, buy from a wide collection of options from our website. 

Price List

Model Price
Gaba National GNW-2417 Water Dispenser (Glass Door) Rs. 19,950
Homage Water Dispenser HWD 49432 Glass Door Red Rs. 23,800
Homage 3 Taps Water Dispenser HWD 49432 Glass Door Blue Rs. 23,800
Nas Gas Water Dispenser NWD-190 Galaxy Rs. 21,500
PEL 425 Flat Glassdoor Red Blaze Water Dispenser Rs. 23,900
PEL 425 Flat Glassdoor Purple Blaze Water Dispenser Rs. 23,900
Crystal 3 Taps Purple Glass Door Water Dispenser Rs. 25,700
Dawlance Glass Door Water Dispenser Silver (WD-1051) Rs. 25,990
PEL 115 Curved Glassdoor Purple Blaze Water Dispenser Rs. 24,500
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