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The Lowest price of Gillette Fusion in Pakistan is Rs.210 and estimated average price is Rs.1,847.


The Gillette Fusion line features 5 blades in its variants, making for a quick and close shave. The lubra strip is larger and improved, with a handle that is comfortable to hold. These features make it a smooth razor, helping reduce irritation from shaving. This is a more high-end line and costs quite a bit more than regular razors.


The Gillette brand

A name that goes hand in hand with shaving, Gillette is known for its safety razors and other personal care products. The brand started in 1901, it is often credited with being the first to sell cheaper handles and have blades available separately but this is not true. It did, however, become the most successful such brand.

Today Gillette is owned by Procter & Gamble, the conglomerate behind many such commercially known care items in the world. 

Gillette Fusion

A line from Gillette that features five blades which are also very closely placed so the skin does not rise between and get irritated. The Fusion series has 2 different variants, the original features a pivot but the Fusion5 features the Flexball which gives the razor even more ability to move along the facial contours better.

The reverse of the Fusion razor head has a single blade which is designed to help one be more exacting with the moustache or sideburns. When on is using this blade the pivot mechanism lock so there is a steady line cut.

The lubra-strip on the Fusion was bigger than the Mach 3, and on the Fusion5 it is an even better, more improved version known as the ProGlide. The blades on the Fusion5 are thinner and also have the ability to move a bit individually so they are able to ease the stroke and shave better. The handle has a moulded grip so one can hold it with ease and the rubber on it makes sure your hand doesn't slip.

The Gillette Fusion line is a more high-end razor from the brand.


The five-blade provide a super-close shave a lot faster, making this an efficient razor series. As far as razors go the Fusion razors from Gillette are expensive

Price List

Model Price
Gillette Fusion Hydra Shaving Gel Rs. 210
Gillette Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Power Flexball Razor 1s Rs. 2,447
Gillette Razor Men Fusion 1up Rs. 877
Gillette Fusion Power Razor Blades (4-Pack) Rs. 2,640
Gillette Fusion Shave Gel 200ml Rs. 499
Gillette Fusion Power Blades 2s Rs. 1,595
Fusion Proglide Sensitive Shave Gel 200 mL – Gillette Rs. 565
Fusion Proglide Gel Hydrating Shave Gel 200ml – Gillette Rs. 575
Gillette Fusion 4 Blades Rs. 2,250
Gillette Fusion Manual Shaving Razor Carts Rs. 2,525
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