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Gharara Price in Pakistan

2 results for Gharara from 2 online stores. Gharara price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 112,500

Mint shirt with sharara

Rs. 112,500

Mint shirt with sharara

No reviews
Save 6% Ahsan Hussain's Luxury Formal SS17/18
Rs. 80,000

Rs. 75,000

Ahsan Hussain's Luxury Formal SS17/18

No reviews

Gharara Price in Pakistan

2 results for Gharara from 2 online stores. Gharara price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 112,500

Gharara Price List

Mint shirt with sharara Rs. 112,500
Ahsan Hussain's Luxury Formal SS17/18 Rs. 75,000

Gharara Overview

Gharara is a pair of wide-legged pants that are worn with a short mid-thigh length Kurti and a dupatta. It is a traditional attire from Lucknow that was a daily wear clothing for the Muslim women of the subcontinent. Traditionally made out of 24 meters of fabric, the basic gharara design is gathered at the knee to give it a dramatic flare. The ruched knee area is called the gote in Urdu and is responsible for the beauty of the whole attire. The gote is traditionally embroidered and embellished with zardozi, gota, zari, lachka and thread embroidery. Earlier, the women of subcontinent curated elegant as well as simple day to day wear themselves. A lot of time and love went into making bridal ghararas that required a lot of fabric as well as hard work. Fabrics used for such bridal ensembles included jamawar, banarasi, velvet, silk, jamawar, kimkhwab etc. Traditional embroidery techniques such as salma sitara, zardozi, naqshi, gota, zari, tilla etc were used to beautify the ensemble and make it look more formal. 

Gharara Description

Popular Pakistani designers make elegant and extravagant formal and bridal gharara suits. These designers include HSY, Tena DurraniAsim Jofa, Republic WomenswearSana Safinaz, Elan, Lajwanti, Ali Xeeshan etc.

Gharara Styles & Designs

Farshi gharara suits are the most popular choice for brides. They are long, floor-sweeping pants that require tons of beautiful work on the train if curated for the bride. Modern versions include styles that aren't too extravagant and the gote isn't ruched densely as the fabrics have become expensive now. Also, carrying oneself while wearing this ensemble isn't easy and if not careful you can trip over the extensive fabric.

Gharara Shirt

The shirt can be short, mid-thigh length or till the gote. It depends on personal liking but the most popular shirt length is till mid-thigh as it makes the wearer appear slimmer and suits almost all body types. Ghararas for kids include short or peplum shirts with narrower legs so they can move about freely without tripping over the fabric. You can check out a multitude of gharara pics for women and kids on the internet.

Gharara Pants

A modern version of the traditional garment, Gharara pants resemble boot cut pants and don't use a lot of fabric. Adding a modern twist to the conventional attire makes it extremely wearable to formal Pakistani functions. Sleeker and with more refined pleats, these pants look great with peplum frocks and can also be worn as a casual piece of clothing. Chinyere and Limelight, leading high street clothing brands in Pakistan are popular for manufacturing these stylish pants that go with everyday wear short Kurtis.

Sharara Vs Gharara

Most people confuse the two. Sharara is a cross between a gharara and lehnga and doesn't have a Gote. It is a loose two-legged attire but doesn't flare out dramatically.