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A geyser's heating levels are controlled by a thermostat. It is also a part of the safety systems and is an important component which needs to function well for the geyser to be operating safely. A geyser thermostat has to be the right one for your specific geyser. The price of one of these devices is in the lower ranges generally.


Geyser Thermostat

Geysers heat water for us to use in our daily life, the mechanism involves a thermostat so there is a controlled amount of heat applied. This is to keep the temperature maintained according to what setting the user has set the thermostat. A geyser's thermostat can go bad, but one can find a swappable new one to replace the faulty one.

These thermostats are used in both, instant geysers and the older variants that store hot water. The idea is the same with both, but there is a slight difference in functionality as the methods of delivery vary. One needs to purchase the correct thermostat for their specific geyser type and model; they are not all interchangeable.

Importance of the thermostat

The basic importance is that this is also somewhat of a safety feature, it keeps the fire controlled. If there is no control the geyser could keep burning and get damaged, cause a fire and also waste gas by burning when not needed.


The price of a geyser thermostat is in the lower ranges.

You have to make sure you purchase the one compatible with your geyser, this can be related to it being an instant geyser or the storage geyser. Even between the same types, there are models that may need a different kind of thermostat.