Gas Room Heater Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Gas Room Heater in Pakistan is Rs.2,999 and estimated average price is Rs.13,493.


Gas heaters are cheaper solutions for heating. With basic features, they can heat up a space fast. Cheap to run as well, since gas is cheaper form of fuel. Some care needs to be taken so there are fewer chances of leaking gas.

Pros & Cons


  • Very effective


  • Dehydrating effect on people

  • Gas can leak


Effective heating

The standard heater for a larger part of the past 50 years or so, gas room heaters are connected to a gas line or a cylinder with gas in it. Working very well for rooms, maybe even a bit too well as over a longer period the room is full of just dry toasty air. This is also why a lot of people suggest keeping a small container with water in it close to the heater so there is humidification in the air and you don't feel like you are just breathing hot air.

Maintenance and caution

It is important to install and maintain these heaters as with the need for gas there is also a danger of leakage which could be extremely hazardous even if breathed during the course of a night while a person sleeps and just as bad if the room was to be introduced to a spark which happens often behind light switches. Regular checks are important and if there is the smell of gas, air out the room and DO NOT turn on the exhaust. Sleeping with a gas heater on is also not recommended as the air quality is too dry to be sleeping in, you'll probably wake up with a bad headache. This is also dangerous in case the gas supply fluctuates it could go out and then just be pumping gas into the room as the flame is off. Modern heaters do have safety features to manage this issue but still it is better to apply care yourself too.

The most common brand that has been known for ages due to its durability and reliability is Rinnai. A brand based out of Japan and the one that set the standard time and again.

Price List

Model Price
2 In 1 Large Size Stove and Room Gas Heater Balti… Rs. 2,999
Welcome Room Gas Heater With Safety Device 27 Inc… Rs. 21,675
NasGas Room Gas Heater DG-888 Rs. 10,500
Welcome Room Gas Heater HT-813 Rs. 18,800
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