Gas Generators Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Gas Generators in Pakistan is Rs.44,999 and estimated average price is Rs.158,229.


Gas generators are quieter and more eco-friendly than the other options. A useful power supply option in case there is load shedding, something that is common in Pakistan. Gas generators have a higher initial cost but are cheaper to run.

Pros & Cons


  • Comparatively quiet

  • Cheaper to run

  • Comparatively more eco-friendly


  • Higher initial cost

  • Not as robust


Uses and how generators work

A generator can help you in case there is no electricity making is especially useful for work environments as time is of the essence. Gas generators are available in different power ratings and one can choose based on what their needs are; the higher the KVa the more devices the generator can take on.

Generators have engines which are combined with an alternator to produce electricity. Simply put an alternator is a motor, meaning this is just a large scale dynamo connected to an engine.

Why a gas generator

If noise is an issue for you the gas generator may be a better option, they make a lot less noise in comparison to the other fuel variants.

The running cost is also lesser in comparison, but keep in mind in the winter months Pakistan tends to have a shortage of gas in certain areas.

Maintenance is important

The larger downside of a gas generator is that the engine has more chances of having issues. This is due to the effect of gas on an engine as well as it having more parts which can go bad.

To reduce these possible issues one should change the engine oil on time and the air filter should also be changed regularly. These smaller maintenance practices can save one from larger issues.


The gas generator you choose is mostly based on what amount of power you need and the budget you have in mind.

Price List

Model Price
Steele ST-3500 Petrol & Gas Generator (Black) Rs. 95,000
Ingco GCP100-2 Gasoline plate compactor Rs. 125,439
Rato Gas & Petrol Self Start 3.5 KVA Generator (R… Rs. 103,499
MIDAS Petrol-Gas Generator MD 4000 Rs. 92,000
Jasco Petrol & Gas 3.1 KW Generator (J3500S) Rs. 97,500
MIDAS Petrol-Gas Generator MD 9000 Rs. 162,750
Rato Gas & Petrol Self Start 1.5 KVA Generator (R… Rs. 50,000
MAK Tech MT-3500 Petrol & Gas Generator (Red & Bl… Rs. 85,000
MAK Tech MT-8000 Petrol & Gas Generator (Red & Bl… Rs. 165,000
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