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Garnier Ultimate Blends Mystic Olive Shampoo has natural ingredients in its formula that include Safflower seed oil, Virgin olive oil and Olive Leaf Extract that are nourishing treatments for dry and brittle hair.


Bring a salon hair treatment home by using the Ultimate Blends Mythic Olive Oil Range for dry and brittle hair. It is great for detangling frizzy, curly and wavy hair that is prone to drying out in the sun. Various elements can harm not only the health of our hair tassels but also the scalp that requires vitamins, fats and nutrients to improve hair texture and growth.

The Garnier Ultimate Blends series is a nourishing formula that replenishes dried out and coarse hair without adding on any excess oil like regular hot oil treatments. The paraben-free formula will maintain the PH balance of the scalp restoring the hair follicles natural shine and softness. No animal-based ingredients are making this a 100% halal and vegan formula.

Also available in Coconut, Almond, Rice Milk and Honey ingredients that will make your hair soft, shiny and strong.