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The Lowest price of Garlic Sauce in Pakistan is Rs.35 and estimated average price is Rs.278.


In Pakistan, garlic sauce mostly refers to chilli garlic sauce. This is a variation of ketchup which has chillies and garlic added to it to enhance the flavour profile. This type of garlic sauce is available for nominal prices from many brands in Pakistan.


Garlic sauce

A generic term that is used to categorise many different sauces that have garlic as one of the main ingredients in them.

In Pakistan, the term garlic sauce generally refers to the variety of ketchup known as chilli garlic sauce. This is a tangy and spicy sauce that has garlic and chillies added to it, making for a nice addition to sandwiches or as s dip for fries. It is also commonly used in the street food available locally.

Aside from this, garlic sauce can refer to the Lebanese garlic sauce known as toum or aioli, a Mediterranean sauce made from garlic and olive oil. Taratoor from Arab cuisine is also considered a garlic sauce.


Some of these garlic sauces may not be available pre-made, the case of chilli garlic sauce one can find many different brands that produce it. It is a common staple at many restaurants in Pakistan.

The price of chilli garlic sauce is in the nominal ranges, with many brands producing their version of it.

Price List

Model Price
Shangrila Garlic Chilli Sauce 100 grns Sachet Rs. 35
Garlic Paste - 320gm Rs. 275
Dipitt Chilli Garlic Sauce 450gm Rs. 154
Chatkhaaar Portuguese Peri Peri & Arabian Garlic Sauce Rs. 539
National Garlic Pickle Bottle Rs. 224
Mehran Chilli Garlic Sauce 1 KG Rs. 255
Suree Red Chilli And Garlic Sauce 150ml Rs. 300
Ahmed Foods Chilli Garlic Sauce 300g Rs. 90
Be Shangrilaa Chilli Garlic Sauces 475gm Rs. 260
Mitchell's Chilli Garlic 300 G Rs. 150
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