Gaming Keyboard Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Gaming Keyboard in Pakistan is Rs.3,999 and estimated average price is Rs.15,954.


A keyboard designed for more aggressive usage. Built hardy so in the heat of a game the keys don't come off. Mechanical keyboards being the best of the lot. With lights usually built into the keys, working well for low light situations. Gaming keyboards are comparatively more expensive.

Pros & Cons


  • Great build

  • Snappy keys

  • Usually back-lit


  • Higher price point


A gamer's need

Probably the reason why keyboards were developed so much, so that gamers could make use of the best available technology to help them perform better in the digital competitive sphere. The holy grail of keyboards are the mechanical ones as they are more tactical, just pressing the keys is satisfying along with the sound as it functions with a clean snap.

Not a normal keyboard

Slated as gaming keyboards for a marketing edge but essentially these are high-quality keyboards that are durable, made from heavy materials and most important of all feel good when you use them. Unlike gaming mouses, the gaming keyboard is still closer to what a keyboard's original design was. Another thing giving away what it really is; just a good keyboard.

A lot come in black and have lights that make it easier to see the keyboard in a low light environment, which is often the case with gamers as that makes the screen the centre of focus while you play. The coloured lights imbedded into the keyboard make it easier to navigate without having to particularly look at the keys. With extra keys meaning you don't need to open another window to figure out a setting like volume and brightness, also coming with USB ports or headphone jacks built-in at times.

Connection and brands

Usually connecting to the computer through a USB cable but also available with wireless connectivity in case you are at more of a distance from a larger screen or need to move around the room while you work. Some of the top known brands are LogiTech, Razor, SteelSeries and Corsair amongst many, many more.

Price List

Model Price
AULA S2016 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Rs. 5,999
AULA F2088 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard With Magnet… Rs. 5,999
HP GK320 Wired Full Size RGB Backlight Mechanical… Rs. 5,799
AULA L2098 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Rs. 7,999
FANTECH K613L Fighter II Full Size Membrane Gamin… Rs. 4,899
ONIKUMA G27 Chroma RGB Professional Blue Switch M… Rs. 4,999
FANTECH K613 Fighter II Full RGB Gaming Keyboard Rs. 4,499
Logitech G813 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Key… Rs. 28,999
Bloody B865N - Light Strike Optical Switch Neon B… Rs. 10,690
Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Mouse and Mousepad Co… Rs. 4,890
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