Gaming Headphones Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Gaming Headphones in Pakistan is Rs.1,350 and estimated average price is Rs.9,963.


Gaming headphones are made by many brands, the basic design principle is similar; comfortable headphones that can be used for longer periods of wear. These headphones come with a microphone built-in so one can communicate with other team members within the game. The price of gaming headphones varies a lot based on the brand and specific model in question. One can find something at the lower end all the way to the top end of the price spectrum.


Gaming Headphones

Gaming has evolved a lot over the years. With online gameplay, there are new peripheral requirements to help one play better within the digital arena. A lot of online gaming is against other people, with gaming headphones one can better tell the placement of other players within the game as footsteps and where the gunfire sound is coming from are ques to react to. Stereo sound is common, but some gaming headphones have surround sound and this makes for an even better soundscape inside the game, giving the player a very immersive experience.

Gaming headphones are a great way to cut out external noises within the home or wherever you may be. Communicating with your team in a game is also crucial, for this purpose gaming headphones have microphones; this allows you to coordinate your strategies inside the game.


Gaming headphones have many different shapes and sizes, one can choose based on what is more comfortable for them. Gaming hours are usually long and having uncomfortable headphones can be tiring. There are versions that are wireless and others that still have the 3.5mm audio jack. Both have their advantages, the major advantage with wired headphones is there is no limit to battery time. With wireless headphones, one needs to keep an eye on the charging but has the great advantage of more freedom to move.


There are a lot of different brands that produce gaming headphones, some of the most known brands include Razer, Corsair, SteelSeries, Sennheiser, Asus Rog, Kingston and Logitech. 

The prices of gaming headphones depend on the brand they are from and the specific model. A lot of the brands make options in multiple price categories. The more the headphones cost the better the sound quality is and one can make use of these headphones for their music as well.

Price List

Model Price
Interlink Gaming Headset - Wireless Bluetooth Gam… Rs. 2,145
Edifier G2 II Gaming Wired Headphones 7.1 Virtual… Rs. 7,500
ONIKUMA K5 Pro Gaming Headphone Hi-Fi Subwoofer H… Rs. 3,499
EKSA E900 Plus 50mm Custom Tuned 7.1 Surround Sou… Rs. 9,999
DIVI - ROCK Metal Wired Sport In-Ear Deep Bass St… Rs. 1,699
FANTECH MH83 OMNI RGB Gaming Headphones With Surr… Rs. 5,499
ONIKUMA K8 RGB Gaming Headphone With 360 Surround… Rs. 3,999
K3 USB Wired PC Gaming Headphone 7.1 Channel Ster… Rs. 7,999
FANTECH HQ52s Tone+ RGB Mobile Gaming, PS4/PS5 Pl… Rs. 3,499
ASUS ROG Throne RGB Gaming Headset Stand with 7.1… Rs. 13,999
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