Gaba National Refrigerators Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Gaba National Refrigerators in Pakistan is Rs.23,599 and estimated average price is Rs.55,487.


A refrigerator is needed in every kitchen, one can choose something from Gaba National that has a few different options. The smaller ones work for places with a space constraint. The larger Gaba National refrigerators have two doors with the freezer on top. The prices are generally mid-range.


Gaba National has many products that fit into electronics and appliances. This also includes refrigerators; one can opt for single door ones or the double door larger ones that have a freezer on top with

A refrigerator is important for the kitchen, it is the easiest way to preserve your food. This could be leftovers or fresh vegetables in the crisper. These fridges also have freezers that one can use to store food for longer.

There is a light inside so one can easily see the food stored and also a knob that can set the temperature. The temperature is generally kept lower in winter and higher in the summers. The legs are adjustable so one can make it suit your kitchen or space. The door has shelves for bottles or smaller things to be kept.

Gaba National refrigerators are available at competitive prices. One can choose the size that suits the number of people on their premises or the space they have available for a refrigerator. 

Price List

Model Price
Gaba National GNR-1711 W.D |(A) (P.C.M) Double Do… Rs. 59,499
Gaba National GNR-827 V.C.M / S.S/GNR-188 S.S Gla… Rs. 50,720
Gaba National GNR-185 Glass Single Door Refrigera… Rs. 43,895
Gaba National Double Door Big Refriegrator 15 CFT… Rs. 61,700
Gaba National Double Door Big Refriegrator 10 Cu … Rs. 56,000
Gaba National Single Door Deep Freezer 17 Cu Ft (… Rs. 59,500
Gaba National GNR-186 GD Single Glass Door Refrig… Rs. 46,335
Gaba National Double Door Big Refriegrator 11 CFT… Rs. 56,500
Gaba National GNR-1710 W.D (A) (P.C.M) Double Doo… Rs. 58,499
Gaba National GND-14000/ 17 (S) Rs. 46,800
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