Gaba National Microwave Oven Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Gaba National Microwave Oven in Pakistan is Rs.12,996 and estimated average price is Rs.18,459.


A useful appliance in the kitchen a microwave oven can help with heating and cooking food in a faster manner. The Gaba National brand has a few different models of microwave ovens that one can choose from. The multiple functions give you a versatile appliance. The prices are lower mid-range.

Pros & Cons


  • Versatile appliance


A Gaba National microwave oven is a great way to have an appliance that can help you in the kitchen.

It has multiple functions so you can execute different tasks with ease. The microwave function is an easy way to heat your food or defrost the ingredients you need to cook faster. Different models have a variation in features, with timer limits and capacity. 

The oven feature allows you to bake and grill foods, this added function can be useful as not all homes have an oven installed due to space considerations. The Gaba National microwave oven can easily fit on top of your kitchen counter.

The front has a transparent door and the inside has a light so one can keep an eye on their food. Internal capacity varies, for instance, there are 40-litre ones and 50-litre options as well.

Gaba National microwave ovens are available in the lower mid-range. These devices do consume electricity at higher levels for prolonged functioning.

Price List

Model Price
Gaba National GNM-1930 DG Microwave Oven Black Rs. 19,608
Gaba National GNM-1950 DG Microwave Oven With Off… Rs. 21,499
Gaba National GNM-1950 DG S.S Micro Wave Oven 50L… Rs. 22,260
Gaba National Digital Microwave Oven 50Ltr (GNM-1… Rs. 21,500
Gaba National GNM-1920 M Micro Wave Oven Rs. 13,895
Gaba National Rotesserie Oven 38ltr With Kebab Gr… Rs. 19,858
Gaba National GNM-1940 DG S.S Micro Wave Oven Rs. 20,599
Gaba National GNM-1930 DG Microwave Oven Black Rs. 19,695
Gaba National GNM-1920 M Micro Wave Oven Rs. 13,550
Gaba National GNO-1538 Electric Oven With Hot Pla… Rs. 17,080
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