Fur Slippers Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Fur Slippers in Pakistan is Rs.1,800 and estimated average price is Rs.2,082.


The summer shoe collection popularly has slippers and sandals that keep your feet cool and fresh throughout the day. Pakistani ladies wear colourful eastern ensembles with multicolour profiles and prefer to match their footwear with fancy party dresses.


Style & Design 

The latest trends in fur slippers take a light feather strip across the front of the foot covering the toes leaving the back of the slipper open. The colourful lightweight slip-on design makes it easy to wear casually and dressed up for a party. These slippers are also enjoyed in a rubber sole making them ideal for loungewear. They are cute and colourful that brightens up any outfit by adding a splash of colour and can provide enough balance to wear for the whole day. They are not formal enough to wear to the office but are great as spring wear to the beach or park for a picnic. 

These designs are easy to wash as the feathery part is delicate and will be damaged by detergent and soap. It is best to wipe them down with a damp hand towel without touching the soft texture of the strap. The peak toe design lets you show off your nail colour that makes the slipper look even better when dressing up for a party. 

These designs are available in small size up to an extra-large making it easy to wear by tall women. Those who have a wide foot will also find these slipper very comfortable as they do not restrict the movement of the toes while being able to trip the foot entirely from the front. There are also fur slippers that are printed various animal motifs such as cow, zebra and cheetah that look playful and chic with eastern and western ensembles. 

Price List

Model Price
Women's Fur Slipper, S-18 Pink Rs. 2,100
Women's Fur Slipper, S-14 Maroon Rs. 2,100
Women's Fur Slipper, S-22 Brown Rs. 2,100
Women's Fur Slipper, S-12 Pink Rs. 2,100
Women's Fur Slipper, S-15 Pink Rs. 2,100
Women's Fur Slipper, S-14 Green Rs. 2,100
Women's Fur Slipper, S-9 Purple Rs. 2,100
Women's Fur Slipper, S-16 Pink Rs. 2,100
Women's Fur Slipper, S-17 Purple Rs. 2,100
Women's Fur Slipper, S-11 Peach Rs. 2,100
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