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The Lowest price of Fujifilm in Pakistan is Rs.481 and estimated average price is Rs.43,543.


Fujifilm is a famous brand that produces a varied range of products, with their most prominent work being in the photography segment. Fujifilm still produces film for cameras and has its own range of various kinds of digital cameras, as well as high-quality lenses. The brand also has options for instant cameras. The price of Fujifilm products depends on what product you choose.



A globally known brand, Fujifilm produces a range of products for photographers as well as some other things. This includes cameras, lenses, film and other accessories. The other items include x-ray devices, ultrasound systems, chemicals, some cosmetics and more.

The main products are from the photography segment. Fujifilm has digital cameras, DSLRs and mirrorless digital cameras as well. There are also options for instant cameras, similar in function to Polaroid cameras. These let one produce small images as soon as they are shot, directly from the camera. The X-series contains more high-end camera systems. With FinePix being the average user digital cameras and Instax is the line with instant cameras.

Fujifilm produces a range of film for analog cameras. One can also find film for video cameras which is used by some directors in Hollywood.

The Fujifilm lenses are made under the Fujinon label. There are a lot of options that work with their cameras. The Fujinon range is as diverse as any other lens maker such as Canon or Nikon.


The prices of Fujifilm products vary. The instant cameras are cheaper as are some of the digital cameras. The DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are expensive. Fujifilm has a good reputation overall and has been around since 1934. 

Price List

Model Price
52mm Hoya CPL Circular Polarizing Lens Filter - F… Rs. 2,599
72mm Variable Neutral Density ND Lens Filter For … Rs. 4,000
72mm Lens Filter Green.L UV For Nikon Canon Sony … Rs. 800
82mm Variable Neutral Density ND Lens Filter For … Rs. 3,500
K&F Concept 77mm Variable Neutral Density ND Lens… Rs. 4,450
49mm Metal Lens Hood Nikon Canon Sony Samsung Oly… Rs. 750
Lens Hood Petal Style For Nikon Canon Sony Olympu… Rs. 481
62mm Variable Neutral Density ND Lens Filter For … Rs. 2,799
Silicone Protective For Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Mi… Rs. 999
for Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera, for Polaroid 3 I… Rs. 3,103
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