Fruitien Juice Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Fruitien Juice in Pakistan is Rs.26 and estimated average price is Rs.78.


Fruitien juices are available in multiple falvours. The brand has an international standard as the parent company that provided it with the know-how is based in the USA. The price of Fruitien juices is from the lower end ranges in Pakistan.


The Fruitien brand 

A brand among the largest juice producers in Pakistan, Fruitien is a run by Citropak. Citropak inherited its understanding of juices from Cargill Pakistan Citrus Ltd; a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cargill Inc. U.S.A. Fruitien is dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality tastes from fresh fruits that are just ripe.

The juices are made to international standards and consistency is key, the latter of which has been proven over the 25 years of Fruitien.

The Fruitien juice range

The variety of juices available from Fruitien include Apple Nectar, Orange Juice, Guava Nectar, Pomegranate Nectar, Chaunsa Nectar, Peach Nectar and Pineapple Nectar


Fruitien juices do not use any preservatives and nor do they add sodium. Their juices are said to be nutritious and good for the health. The brand claims regularly drinking their juice gives one better skin, more energy, an immunity boost, stronger bones and more.

Juices from Fruitien can be bought in a litre pack or in a smaller 200ml single serving pack. The price of their juices is competitive and affordable in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Fruiti o juice mango 1 Ltr Rs. 154
Fruitien Fruitien Juice Joy Mango 200ml Rs. 26
Fruitien Fruitien Juice Joy Apple 200ml Rs. 26
fruiti o apple juice 1liter Rs. 182
Fruitien Fruitien Juice Apple Nectar 200ml Rs. 37
Fruitien Fruitien Juice Joy Red Anaar 1ltr Rs. 126
Fruitien Fruitien Juice Peach Nectar 200ml Rs. 37
Fruitien Fruitien Juice Red Grape 200ml Rs. 37
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