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Freshlook is owned by the eyecare brand Alcon that originated in the US and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Freshlook has been making high-quality contact lenses for years now and is amongst the top-selling brands in Pakistan. You can buy powered and non-powered lenses in coloured or colourless variety. Check out Freshlook contact lenses price in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Freshlook Contact Lenses Colour Lines

Freshlook offers 3 different lines of contact lenses that are soft and do not cause any allergic reactions. It is best to consult your eye care professional before using any type of contact lenses. 

1. Freshlook "Colorblends" Contact Lenses

This collection is best suited to naturally dark or light eyes. These lenses help you enhance your look with 12 different colours. They range from subtle and natural looks to bold and striking eye colours that totally transform your look. The colour range includes Sterling Gray, Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, Honey, True Sapphire, Gray, Blue, Green, Pure Hazel, Brown, Amethyst and Turquoise. 

2. Freshlook "Colors" Contact Lenses

Choose from this collection of contact lenses if you want a bold and dramatic look. The range includes 4 striking colours; Blue, Green, Hazel and Violet. 

3. Freshlook "Dimensions" Contact Lenses

These are a great way to enhance your already light eyes. Choose from beautiful colours such as Caribbean Aqua, Pacific Blue and Sea Green. 

4. Freshlook One-Day Contact Lenses

You can also buy the disposable Freshlook contact lenses variety that you can wear and replace every day. The disposable One-Day contact lenses collection is available in the Colorblends range for the colours Blue, Green, Gray, and Pure Hazel.

Tips & Comments

Whether you are planning to wear contact lenses for cosmetic purposes or for your eyesight, one must consult their eye care professional before use. It is important that you take really good care of your lenses and clean them thoroughly after every use. Experts at Freshlook recommend "OPTI-FREE PureMoist Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution with HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix" to clean and disinfect your Freshlook contact lenses and provide easy and comfortable wear.

Never share your contact lenses with anyone as it can result in severe allergic reactions or infection. You should also never wear lenses for longer than the recommended duration. Make sure to replace your lenses frequently, before their expiration date to prevent allergic reactions, blurred vision, dryness and eye discomfort. 

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