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Foundation Brush Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Foundation Brush in Pakistan is Rs.149 and estimated average price is Rs.1,028.


Foundation Brushes comes in many varieties of sizes and shapes with handles short and long, wide or thin depending on your personal styling preferences. It can be used to evenly apply and distribute powder, liquid, or mousse foundation, bronzer, or blush on the face and neck. The ideal foundation brush as both wide brush and a smaller sponge precision build into one tool being able to create a smooth, streakless and creaseless studio finish on the skin.


Precision Applicator

The foundation brush is a streak-free applicator brush that helps the product be absorbed into the skin by blending it into the natural oils present on the surface of the skin. To avoid using your fingertips that could increase the oil ratio in the formula leading to blocked pores the foundation brush offers a healthy skin solution.

Studio Finish 

It has the ability to provide full coverage without caking on the formula providing a smooth salon ready effect on the face. It will make it easy to expertly blend in the foundation without a caked effect as the blending can help activate the natural oils of the face to warm up the foundation giving it an extra smooth texture. The result is a flawless complexion that feels natural.

Using a foundation brush can help avoid mixing in the oils present on the fingertips avoiding an excess of build up on the skin. Ladies prefer to have a separate brush for each product, they do not mix their foundation brush with their blush on to avoid applying too much product on their face. Keeping brushes separate ensures you are able to enjoy the colour payoff of the blush on without ruining your foundation coverage.

Soft Brush Bristles 

The brushes can be purchased in synthetic material that is ultra-fine and precise when applying under the eyes and around the lips. There are round-dome tips, oval shape brushes and slanting tips that offer precision with full control over the product.

The brush is used to buff and blend foundation and powder that creates a sheen over the skin that looks dewy and fresh. These bristles are soft to touch and ideal for sensitive skin, the high density of the brush helps pick up the product. These brushes are now available in several shapes and designs with metallic handles in pretty colours of rose gold, silver and gold.

Price List

Model Price
Chubby Pier Foundation Brush Flat Cream Makeup Br… Rs. 149
Revolution Relove Queen Flat Foundation Brush Rs. 1,419
Makeup Revolution- Pro Curve Contour Foundation B… Rs. 1,265
Makeup Revolution Pro Curve Contour Foundation Br… Rs. 1,265
Kryolan Foundation Brush - 5011 Rs. 900
ST London Foundation Brush - ST12 Rs. 1,140
Luscious Buffing Foundation Brush Rs. 1,100
Revolution Relove Brush Queen Flat Foundation Bru… Rs. 1,419
Mua Foundation Brush - F2 Rs. 1,550
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