Fotile Electric Oven Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Fotile Electric Oven in Pakistan is Rs.104,087 and estimated average price is Rs.130,761.


Fotile Electric Ovens come in various sizes and one can choose based on what suits their space and needs. Made from steel and glass, these ovens are long-lasting. Operating the Fotile Electric Ovens is easy and the temperature control is accurate, baking just right.


The Fotile Electric Ovens are easy to use, made from good materials one can choose between the different options.

An electric oven will allow you to bake all kinds of foods, sweet and savoury. Aside from this, it is a great way to warm your food or even use it like a hot box to keep your warm food as it gets ready.

Fotile has a few different options, in function they are similar; the major difference is size. This is because some kitchens have more space and others less, Fotile has options you could get for the different kinds of kitchens.

Fotile Electric Ovens are easy to use and the temperature control is accurate. The inside has a fan that makes sure the temperature is even, this helps with cooking the food evenly as well. The door is transparent so one can see their food and keep an eye on it. 

Electric ovens generally consume quite a bit of power which is perhaps the downside of having one.

The prices of Fotile Electric Ovens are relatively high.

Price List

Model Price
Fotile KES6003A-1 Classic Electric Oven Rs. 104,087
Fotile KSS-7002A Master Built-in Electric Oven Rs. 176,520
Fotile KEG 6007A Built-in Electric Oven Rs. 105,239
Fotile KEG-6001A Built-in Electric Oven Rs. 130,319
Fotile KEG6006A Built-in Electric Oven Rs. 107,867
Fotile KQD50F-01 Built-in Electric Oven Rs. 160,535
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