Foot Massager Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Foot Massager in Pakistan is Rs.99 and estimated average price is Rs.9,849.


Foot massager machines use various forms of massage techniques such as Shiatsu massage to help relieve pain and tension in the feet and legs. The prices of foot massagers in Pakistan vary depending on the type and versatility of the device.


Our hands and feet house the most pressure points that can be pressed and massaged to heal various ailments and aches in the entire body. After a long hard day, our feet suffer the most and need a massage to soothe the pain and discomfort so we can wake up all fresh and pain-free. That's why a foot massaging machine is sought after around the world for its soothing effect on the legs and feet. 


These machines use massage techniques, heat therapy, vibration, air compression, deep kneading and pressing for increased blood circulation and relaxation. They come with multi-level settings that one can use according to their comfort and requirement. 

Foot Massager Benefits & Types

Foot massaging devices are available in handheld manual as well as electric options. The electric ones are more sought after for their efficacy, versatility and ease of use. Some combination type feet massagers also include a leg massager for better blood circulation and relaxation. 

There is also a type of feet massager that includes a tub with water jets. These machines are called Foot Spa & Massager and are commonly used at salons and spas for pedicure and massage of the feet. Keeping one at home can eliminate expensive trips to the salon. 

Regularly using these massagers can help keep the feet and legs in good health. They can help eliminate swelling, fluid retention and calluses on the feet by boosting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

Price List

Model Price
1 Pair Silicone Foot Chapped Care Tool Moisturizing Gel Hee… Rs. 99
Foot And Calf Massager F01 Black Rs. 15,999
Massage Slippers - Reflexology Acupressure Foot Massage Sli… Rs. 1,149
Beurer Fm 60 Shiatsu Foot Massager Rs. 15,000
Anex Foot Massager AG-7023 + Westpoint Hand Mixer WF-9601 Rs. 10,510
CNAIER 11 in 1 Face Massage Beauty Device Machine Facial Ma… Rs. 1,099
Easy Feet Foot Scrubber Brush Massager Shower Cleaner Slipp… Rs. 900
11 In 1 Battery Operated Body Face Foot Skin Care Wash Brus… Rs. 1,199
Traditional Wooden Roller Foot Massager, Accupressure Rolle… Rs. 650
Foot Massager Wf-3870 Rs. 10,000
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