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Fogg Perfume Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Fogg Perfume in Pakistan is Rs.235 and estimated average price is Rs.511.


Fogg Perfumes is a successful fragrance brand owned by the famous Indian entrepreneur Darshan Patel of Vini Cosmetics and Paras Pharmaceuticals fame. Fogg Perfumes was launched in 2011 with a brand new concept of no gas formulation. The brand's unique selling proposition is its longevity and rich sillage. Fogg perfumes offer deodorants, body sprays and perfumes for both men and women and are available at affordable prices in Pakistan. Read on to check out the top Fogg perfumes for both men and women as well as other amazing facts about the perfume, its packaging and composition.


Best Fogg Perfumes for Both Men & Women

For men, Fogg manufactures lingering and rich fragrances and the best ones are Intensio, Xpressio, Bleu Skies and Majestic Deodorant Spray. For women the best Fogg Perfumes are I Am Queen, Make My Day and Paradise Deodorant.

Longevity & Quality

All products by Fogg perfumes are dermatologically tested to assure quality and safety. The company claims that there are no side effects of using its products. 

Liquid-Based Composition

Typically, perfumes were manufactured with gas back in the day. When Fogg perfumes were launched, all perfume houses were busy making only gas-based perfumes as that was the only known way. Vini cosmetics launched Fogg to be the first liquid-based perfumes in the country. Even in the advertisements, the brand compares Fogg perfumes with regular perfumes by spraying into an empty glass where the glass fills up with each spritz of Fogg and the other remains empty even after multiple sprays. This instantly became its main selling point.

Guaranteed 800 Sprays Per Bottle 

Fogg perfumes guarantee that the consumer will get at least 800 sprays out of every single bottle. This is a huge claim as well as an achievement. It gives the consumers value for their money and has earned consumer loyalty and a lion's market share to the brand.

Price List

Model Price
Fogg Body Spray Imperial 120ml Rs. 520
Fogg Master Agar Fragrant Body Spray For Men 120ml Rs. 655
Fogg Absolute Fragrant Body Spray For Men 120ml Rs. 655
Fogg Bleu Skies Body Spray 120 ml Rs. 520
Fogg Majestic Fragrance Body Spray, For Men, 120ml Rs. 625
Easy Shop Fogg Pocket Perfume For Men 20ml (1074) Rs. 498
Fogg Body Spray Nepolian 120ml Rs. 520
Fogg Roll On Elegance 50ml Rs. 342
Fogg Fine Bay Breeze Body Spray 120ml Rs. 622
Fogg Royal Blue Body Spray 120ml Rs. 693
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