Fogg Monarch Body Spray Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Fogg Monarch Body Spray in Pakistan is Rs.474 and estimated average price is Rs.604.


Fogg Monarch Body Spray is a deodorant with an added fashion fragrance designed for men with masculine woody and spicy aromatic notes.


The confident and masculine fragrance of Fogg Monarch Body Spray has over 800 sprays in one bottle making it easy to stay fresh for quite a few weeks with ease. The rich oriental fragrance is inspired by tropical fruits, spices and woods that blend into a strong deodorant spray.

It has 24-hour protection from body odour, bacteria and perspiration making sure you feel fresh throughout the day and night. 

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Model Price
Fogg Monarch Body Spray 120ml Rs. 474
Fogg- Body Spray Monarch 120ml Rs. 690
Fogg Body Spray Monarch 120ml Rs. 648
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