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Fogg Body Spray Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Fogg Body Spray in Pakistan is Rs.410 and estimated average price is Rs.567.


Fogg Perfumes is a popular Indian fragrance brand that introduced the concept of no gas formulation. The brand's body sprays, perfumes and deodorants are widely used by both men and women for their rich fragrances and sillage. The price of Fogg body spray in Pakistan is nominal and the fragrance is long-lasting and pleasant.


Best Body Sprays

Bleu Skies, Intensio, Majestic Deodorant Spray and Xpressio are some of the most popular men's body sprays by Fogg. For women the best Fogg body sprays are Paradise, Make My Day and I Am Queen.

Unique Selling Point

The main selling point of perfumes and body sprays by Fogg is its liquid-based composition. The first of its kind, the brand became an overnight hit due to this aspect. 

Value for Money

The brand claims the fragrance will give 800 sprays per bottle. This has made the body sprays even more famous for it gives the consumers value for their money and in turn has garnered consumer loyalty.

All Fogg body sprays are dermatologically tested to assure quality and safety. You can buy all fragrances by Fogg on our website at the best prices in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Fogg Master Agar Fragrance Body Spray, For Men, 1… Rs. 650
Fogg Master Napoleon Intense Fragrance Body Spray… Rs. 650
Fogg Master Oak Fragrance Body Spray, For Men, 12… Rs. 650
FOGG Pep-Up Fragrance Body Spray - 120 Ml - Blue Rs. 475
Fogg Paradise Body Spray Rs. 479
Fogg Master Oak Body Spray Rs. 510
LOCAL FOGG Body Spray Royal Women 120ml Rs. 614
Fogg Fogg Marco Body Spray Deodorant For Men - 12… Rs. 595
Fogg Fogg Royal Body Spray Deodorant For Men - 12… Rs. 595
Fogg Master Marco Body Spray Rs. 510
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