Flormar Compact Powder Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Flormar Compact Powder in Pakistan is Rs.1,196 and estimated average price is Rs.1,441.


Flormar's range of compact powders is available in both dry and wet/dry forms. Use it for a long-lasting makeup and a flawless matte finish. Flormar Compact Powder is priced in the budget-friendly range.



The compact powders by Flormar come in round black opaque containers. They include a mirror and also an applicator sponge for easy and quick application. These compacts are sleek and weightless and can easily be carried in the handbag for quick touch-ups during the day.

Texture & Finish

Flormar's compact powders are finely milled pressed powders with a silky soft texture that is airy. It makes the skin look smooth and is also very easy to apply. The powder gives a flawless matte finish after application and also reduces shine around oily areas of the face. 


You can buy Flormar compact powders in dry as well as dry/wet options. Layer the dry one on top of your foundation for an even-looking complexion or use it with a wet sponge in place of the foundation and then top with a dry sponge for a fool-proof flawless base.   

Long-Lasting & Waterproof 

When used alone and with a dry sponge, the compact powder gives medium coverage. If you use it with a wet sponge and then top it with a dry layer, the powder delivers high coverage that successfully hides imperfections and blemishes. The makeup also becomes even more long-lasting and smudge-proof throughout wear as it is a waterproof powder that is resistant to sweat and skin oils. 

Pro Tips

If you tend to get oily on the T-zone, apply the compact powder with a powder brush to control shine. You can also do touch-ups throughout the day to reduce the shine on oil-prone areas. This powder also controls the production of skin oils and keeps the makeup fresh and intact.

Washing the sponge applicator after every use is a great way to save it from deteriorating and collecting bacteria. Make sure to completely dry out the applicator before putting it back into Flormar compact powder container.

Price List

Model Price
Flormar Compact Powder, 95 Light Porcelain Beige Rs. 1,196
Flormar Compact Powder, 96 Light Porcelain Opal Rs. 1,196
Flormar Compact Powder - 97 Light Cream Rs. 1,500
Flormar Wet & Dry Compact Powder, W05 Medium Caramel Rs. 1,436
Flormar Compact Powder, 089 Medium Cream Rs. 1,196
Flormar Compact Powder - 98 Medium Natural Beige Rs. 1,500
Flormar Compact Powder, 90 Medium Rose Rs. 1,196
Flormar Compact Powder - 90 Medium Rose Rs. 1,500
Flormar Compact Powder - 95 Light Porcelain Beige Rs. 1,500
Flormar Compact Powder, 88 Medium Peach Beige Rs. 1,196
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