Flood Lights Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Flood Lights in Pakistan is Rs.175 and estimated average price is Rs.3,073.


A flood light is named due to its ability to flood the entire area with light. These lights are made with powerful lamps and can be used to light up entire work sites or sports fields. There are a few different kinds of flood lights and one can choose based on their specific needs and budget.


Flood Lights

A light with a powerful lamp that is often used on sports fields, allowing people to play games at night is called a flood light. A flood light can be based on various kinds of lighting technology. The older lamps are often made using arc light systems that are what make High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps of a few different kinds. The more common type is a metal-halide lamp and the other common type is the sodium-vapour lamp.

The other regularly used technology is LED-based. This has advantages in comparison to the HID lamps. LED lights do not need time to warm up and are at full brightness as soon as they are turned on. This quick start ability also saves times in case there is a power outage, the game can be resumed pronto instead of everyone waiting for the lamps to heat up. They are also more durable over time and use a fraction of the electricity that HID lamps use. Due to all these reasons LED flood lights have become the go-to. 

A smaller more focused flood light is used for stages to be lit; for concerts or plays.


Flood lights are available for different rates and LED variants are cheaper in the long run. Still lighting up a whole field would take quite a lot of LED flood lights.

Single piece food lights are relatively cheap and one can also find LED versions that are battery-powered, making a great portable light for camping or work sites.

Price List

Model Price
120- Sdm Flood Light Rs. 175
96 LEDs 100W Flood Lights LED SMD 2835 Outdoor Light IP65 W… Rs. 2,331
50W 50 LED Waterproof Flood Light for Pathway Lawn Landscap… Rs. 1,199
Sogo 30W SMD LED Flood Light Rs. 2,249
Ring Smart Lighting Floodlight Battery - White Rs. 16,099
Stella High Performing Floodlight Rs. 3,450
eGarage Flood Light With Pir Motion Sensor-50W Rs. 5,098
Stylish Flood Light 50 watt OM-5173 Rs. 1,400
Lightweight Led Flood Light 50w Pack Of 2/3/4 Rs. 1,000
50W 50 LED Waterproof Flood Light for Pathway Lawn Landscap… Rs. 1,749
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