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Fingerprint scanners let a system make use of peoples fingerprints for processing. This processing could let a biometrics lock open a door or be logged into a document for profiles. One can choose the kind of fingerprint scanner they need based on what their intended use of the information is. The price of such a device is in the mid range.


Fingerprint scanner

A device designed to scan fingerprints and convert them into data for various kinds of computation. Fingerprint scanners come in various forms. One kind is a stand-alone and is fixed next to a door, these have profiles of various people entering and exiting. It controls the locking mechanism and also logs the timings of when each person arrived or left. Different models have a different number of person profiles that can be saved for it to manage, with 500 being a general starting point.

The second kind is a fingerprint scanner that is connected to a laptop and can be used with various data-based software. The third kind of fingerprint scanner is a module that can be connected to a system being built manually.


The price of a fingerprint scanner depends on the kind it is, with prices for all generally being in the mid ranges.

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