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The Lowest price of Feta Cheese in Pakistan is Rs.995 and estimated average price is Rs.1,348.


One of the salty and tangy kinds of cheese, feta has been produced for a very long time and is a more versatile cheese than many other options. It is used in omelettes, salads, pasta and pretty much anywhere else one would like to add some extra salt flavours. The price of feta is in the mid ranges.


Feta cheese

A type of cheese that is attributed to Greece, with older records showing that feta was also produced in the Byzantine period under a different name. Feta cheese is a brined, crumbly, soft cheese that is supposed to be produced from sheep's milk or a mix of sheep and goat milk. The latter mix can have up to 30% goats milk.

Today, however, feta is produced in many places and often from cow's milk. This also being why such cheese is called 'white cheese' instead of feta specifically. The real feta has Protected Designation of Origin in the EU; it has to be made in the Greecian region from sheep or sheep and goat milk.

The feta cheese profile

The fact that it is brined means it is salty, with other flavours being tangy and a bit sour. At the end of the flavour profile is a hint of pepper, ginger and sweetness. Feta cheese is used in many different ways, from being added to salads to being part of omelettes and pies. The uses are more based on how you want to eat it rather than any kind of fixed method. It is a versatile cheese in that sense and can be added wherever one wants to add a layer of tangy salt.

Nutritional infromation

Feta cheese is a good source of calcium, protein, vitamins, iron and magnesium. It also has high cholesterol and sodium which is why eating it in larger quantities can be unhealthy.


Feta makes for a great breakfast cheese. It is available for mid-range prices from various brands.

Price List

Model Price
Almarai Feta Cheese Full Cream 200g Rs. 995
Almarai Feta Cheese, Low Fat, Lite, 200g Rs. 1,075
Almarai Feta Cheese Lite 400g Rs. 1,875
Almarai Feta Cheese Full Cream 400g Rs. 1,450
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