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The Lowest price of Feelgreattea.co in Pakistan is Rs.250 and estimated average price is Rs.522.


Teas have been used for centuries to help people relax, build immunity or detox. Feel Great Tea is dedicated to bringing all the various kinds of teas to Pakistan. With a lot of options based on types, flavours or what the purpose of the tea is. The prices are relatively higher than average.


Feel Great Tea (feelgreattea.co) is a brand that has a host of options for one's tea time.

There are black teas such as Hibiscus Mojito, Black Vanilla or Darjeeling Masala. Green teas include Pumpkin Chai, Lemon Twist and The Super Detox. One also has the option for fruit teas such as Mango Cranberry Fruit Punch, Strawberry Cream Ceylon and Kiwi Fruit Punch. 

The brand also has Oolong tea such as Black Dragon. Herbal options include Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Lemongrass and more.

Flower based teas have various options as well, such as Rose, Jasmine, Chamomile, Butterfly Pea, Lavender, Peony and a few others. There is also Pu’erh tea and Rooibos. 

Among all these options you can surely find something to give you a soothing experience or clear out your system. There are also mixed variations that are designed to provide one with a compounded effect.


As with all things herbal in nature, the effects are a slower process. The price of the teas avaialble with this brand is comparatively higher.

Price List

Model Price
Chamomile Rs. 300
Rosemary Tea Rs. 300
Penta Box – Pack of 5 Fun Flavors of Herbal Tea’s Rs. 1,399
The Super Detox Rs. 250
Spearmint Tea Rs. 300
Rose Buds Herbal Tea Rs. 300
Pumpkin Chai Rs. 300
Black Vanilla Rs. 300
Mango Cranberry Fruit Punch Tea Rs. 400
Black Dragon Tea Rs. 300
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