Febreze Air Freshener Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Febreze Air Freshener in Pakistan is Rs.425 and estimated average price is Rs.536.


A quick and effective way to freshen up your space is by using a bit of Febreze Air Freshener. It comes in various kinds of scents so you can choose which one you like and it helps get rid of bad smells by masking. Febreze is an American brand that is part of the P&G family. The prices are relatively higher.


Febreze Air Freshener is a great and quick way to help improve the environment of your space. With a few short sprays the space can smell a lot better and also this would help you reduce the bad smells by masking them.

Febreze has a lot of different kinds of scents that one can choose from, this includes Blossom & Breeze, Dream Orchid, Berry & Bramble, Fresh Cut Pine and many many more. Making for a great way to have your pace smell exactly the kind of scent that would make you feel good.

If you are using Febreze Air Freshener it would be better to ventilate the space a bit so it also airs out some, instead of just being a static environment.

The price of Febreze Air Fresheners is relatively high as it is an imported brand. The same is also known by the Ambi Pur in many non-English speaking countries.

Price List

Model Price
Febreze Car Air Freshener, Blossom & Freeze, 7ml Rs. 425
Febreze vent clips linen & silky air freshner 2ml Rs. 620
Febreze Air Freshener 300ml Rs. 445
Febreze Air Freshener 300ml - Blossom Rs. 445
Febreze Air Freshener 300ml - Thai Orchi Rs. 445
Febreze Air Freshener 300ml - Gold Orchi Rs. 445
Febreze Air Freshener 300ml Rs. 445
Febreze Febreze Air Freshner Infinity Tropical Orchid 300ml Rs. 635
Febreze Febreze Air Freshner Winterlicher 300ml Rs. 530
Febreze Air Freshener 300ml - Vanilla Rs. 445
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