F&D Speakers Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of F&D Speakers in Pakistan is Rs.8,479 and estimated average price is Rs.16,091.


F&D is a speaker brand that has a lot of varied speakers, from portable options to home theatre systems. The brand has a modern aesthetic and the sound quality is decent for the price, which is in the affordable ranges.


F&D Speakers

An Indian brand that also goes by Fenda Speakers. The brand started with loudspeakers and then later moved into other segments as well. One can find F&D speakers in a lot of forms today, this includes wireless portable speakers, soundbars, multimedia speakers, trolley speakers and tower speakers.

The features vary and depending on the model connectivity has multiple options. Some models can accept a USB or an SD card. One can also find Bluetooth, AUX, optical, NFC and RCA connections. F*D also has an app which works with certain models, letting you control them from your smartphone.

The smaller portable speakers make for good carry along sound when one is out with a few friends. Multimedia speakers are useful for a computer rig setup, these are the sort used by gamers or to watch movies on your PC. The F&D soundbars could add a lot more volume and feel to your TV experience.

Trolly speakers are larger portable speakers and can be used for many hours. These are easy to cart around and come with a remote control. Trolly speakers also come with a wireless microphone which lets you use them for karaoke or as a PA system even.

F&D speakers are well designed with a style profile that is comparable to higher grade brands. The functionality and performance is similar to brand such as Audionic. A lot of the models also have the ability to tune in FM Radio which is a plus point.


The F&D speaker range is available for affordable prices in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
F&D HT-230 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker Rs. 12,720
F&D T388 Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer Speā€¦ Rs. 30,120
F D A140X 37W Bluetooth Multimedia Speakers Rs. 8,479
F&D A180X Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker Rs. 8,760
F&D F380X 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers Rs. 10,440
F&D A521x Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker Black Rs. 12,000
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