Fauji Muesli Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Fauji Muesli in Pakistan is Rs.445 and estimated average price is Rs.513.


Fauji Cereals is the market leader in Pakistan as far as local cereal brands go. Fauji Muesli, a healthier option for a breakfast cereal. The prices of Fauji Muesli is nominal.


Fauji Cereals

Fauji cereals cater to most of the breakfast market in Pakistan, it was stated in a collaboration with Quaker Oats. The quality is good and the production lines were set up by a Swiss brand known as Buhler.

Fauji Muesli

Fauci Cereals stocks muesli, this is a more healthy kind of cereal option that has nuts, flakes and fruits in it. Muesli is often consumed with yoghurt, some fresh fruit and honey. The fresh fruit can be bananas or strawberry. This makes for a healthy and wholesome breakfast meal which is easy to digest, so it keeps one feeling light.


Fauji Muesli is nominally priced, the scale of production and availability of raw materials in Pakistan allows the Fauji Foundation to keep it so.

Price List

Model Price
Fauji Muesli Cereals 250gm Rs. 595
Fauji Muesli 250 Grams Rs. 595
Fauji Muesli Nuts, Fruit & Flakes 250gm Rs. 445
Ariel Fauji Cereals Muesli Nuts Fruits & Flakes 2… Rs. 473
Fauji Muesli 250G Rs. 596
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