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What is Shopsy.pk?

Shopsy.pk is an online shopping search engine that helps shoppers search products and compare prices from Pakistan’s most trusted online stores. Think of us as Google for shopping!

What products can I search at Shopsy.pk?

Almost everything! Really, we want to provide our users with a one stop destination for online shopping in Pakistan. Currently, products we do not cater for include tobacco, prescription medicine, real estate and edibles.

Does Shopsy.pk only display products from Pakistani sites?

Yes, Shopsy.pk only aggregates products from Pakistani sites so our shoppers don’t have to wait long durations to receive their purchase and pay high amounts for shipping and customs.

Do all sites on Shopsy.pk offer cash on delivery?

Yes, all sites on Shopsy.pk offer cash on delivery. We understand that cash on delivery is an extremely popular payment method in Pakistan. Hence, we only add sites that offer cash on delivery across Pakistan.

What is the criteria for sites to be included in Shopsy.pk?

To be included in Shopsy’s index, sites need to 1) be registered businesses 2) have a good reputation and 3) provide cash on delivery to customers across Pakistan.

Who do I pay when I make a purchase?

Shopsy.pk does not take any payments from online shoppers. We are a search engine that helps you discover products and compare prices. For purchases, shoppers are redirected to the original site of the product where payment is made. But since all sellers on Shopsy.pk are trusted sites providing cash on delivery, there is nothing to worry about!  

Which sites are currently part of your index?

Currently, Shopsy.pk aggregates products from the following trusted sites: Daraz.pk, Homeshopping.pk, ishopping.pk, Shophive.com, Symbios.pk and Yayvo.com

Why is there a need for Shopsy.pk?

Pakistan’s largest online store sells between 40 - 50 thousand products. Compare this to Amazon.com that sells more than 400 million products in the US alone. Simply speaking, online shoppers in Pakistan do not have sufficient choice. Additionally, Shopsy.pk helps shoppers compare prices for products across trusted sites that also saves them money!

How many products does Shopsy.pk currently have?

Shopsy.pk at the time of launch has more than 100 thousand products. This number will increase significantly as we continue to add trusted online stores to our index.

How do I add my site to Shopsy.pk?

To submit your site to our index, send an email to hello[at]shopsy.pk with the following details: Name of business, website address, year founded, company registration number and whether you provide cash on delivery across Pakistan.

I love Shopsy.pk, how can I help?

Please tell your family and friends about us, like our facebook page and share the site on your social media pages to help us spread the word!