Fan Heaters Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Fan Heaters in Pakistan is Rs.1,725 and estimated average price is Rs.5,179.


A quick fix to your heating needs, without any installation process. The fan heater uses a heating element with air blowing over it and out into the room. A simple yet effective contraption that can heat up a room fast.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick to heat

  • No installation process

  • Low initial cost


  • High power consumption


Fan heater convenience

The winter months are a great time to cosy up and a heater is needed to make one's spaces more comfortable. A fan heater is pretty quick to heat up a space given it is moving air around the room a lot faster. Also known as convection heaters, ceramic heaters or blower heaters but essentially all the same with a heating element and a small fan that helps air pass over the heating element and out of the heater, warming up the room. Usually a lot smaller in size and easily portable with one power cable being the only connection that is needed for it to be set up, these are cheaper to buy but cost more to run as the wattage is quite enough to juice your bill.

Features of fan heaters

Fan heaters have different settings for the fan speed and also how warm you want the air to be, these are useful features. Initially, you can keep them on higher settings and then later on a lower setting to maintain the temperature. Some models are also built with safety features that cut the power if the internal temperature spikes too much or if the unit falls over.

Cautions and known brands

Given these fan heaters run on electricity, it isn't advised to use in a space where water can be present too, but in case you do it might be a good idea to get a small raised wooden platform to place the fan heater on. Among the known brands Geepas, Westpoint, Black & Decker, Alpina, Delonghi and Anex are some.

Price List

Model Price
Portable Car Heating Defroster Fan | Car Heater Rs. 1,725
WestPoint Fan Heater WF5146 Rs. 5,800
Airlux Fan Heater Rs. 7,900
WestPoint Fan Heater (WF-5144) Rs. 5,800
NasGas Electric Room Fan Heater NAS1213 Rs. 4,800
Fan Heater 2000W Rs. 3,500
WestPoint WF-5147-5148 Fan Heater Rs. 5,400
Cambridge Fan Heater Fh-05 Rs. 5,700
Westpoint Electric Fan Heater (WF-5148) Rs. 6,102
Westpoint Fan Heater WF-5145 – Karachi Only Rs. 5,876
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