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The Lowest price of Faisal Sanitary in Pakistan is Rs.1,125 and estimated average price is Rs.3,451.


Faisal Sanitary Fitting Industries (Pvt) Ltd. established in the year 1974 is one of Pakistan’s leading manufacturing company for bathroom sanitary fittings. Its product range comprising of C.P. fittings and fancy bathroom accessories are of high-quality standards which are accepted as a prestigious product and captures a majority of the country’s sale. he rates of their products are not very high and offer the tremendous quality of items with a lot of prices. The products of Faisal Sanitary are of great quality with an inexpensive rate of products.


Product Range  

The company does effective tests at the manufacturing stage that ensure water-tightness, durability, protection from the saline mist that makes them unusable if not cleaned. The standardized quality testing and standards are for the whole range of products available at Faisal Sanitary. The wide variety helps ensure that clients on a budget can choose what works best for them without feeling burdened by the cost. They also sell fittings separately outside an entire set that ensure uses can update their previous bathrooms easily. 

Pre-Designed Sets 

Their bathroom accessories include Hand Shower, Wall Shower, Rain Shower, Basin Mixer, Sink Mixer, T.Cock, Bib Cock, Double Bib Cock and Accessory Set. Faisal Sanitary design philosophy is not limited to providing stylish handles, knobs and necks for their fittings but also showcasing various systems of water pouring along with each design. For each of the designed sets which include the sink, shower and flush there are different water pressures and streams available. Some of the series names are Waterfall, Carrera, Nouia, Project, Recta, Grace, Casper, Artic, Excel and many other designs are available. 

There are single-handle, quarter round and full or half-round designs for water tap used in the sink to wash hands. Depending on the size of your bathroom, the height of your sink and daily needs, a single handle can look stylish and make it easy to mix cold and hot water with one hand while the water flows out from underneath the handle. The new modern designs such as this can make a bathroom feel luxurious, but for those looking for traditional designs, there are still the two handle (one for hot and the other for cold) with a separate neck for pouring the water.  

It is important to have the perfect water pressure and mechanism for showers, as they are regularly used the shower head becomes clogged and needs cleaning to work properly. The advanced technology used for coating the showerhead and Muslim showers makes them long-lasting fittings. 

Public Restrooms

Restrooms in offices, restaurants and hotels are used in a large volume as compared to personal home bathrooms. This means the faucets and showers are extensively used and overused in some cases leading to their rapid deterioration. It is important to regularly maintain and replaced fittings when broken. The reasonable prices and affordable price points available at Faisal make it easier to update public toilets. 

Industrial Material 

The effective plating technology is applied on to high-quality stainless steel to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. The electroplating ensures that the internal mechanism and external appearance will not deteriorate due to oxidization. The latest Plasma Ion plating and Arc source depositing are used on all their products to create a high-quality coating to protect from regular wear and tear of overuse.   

High Quality 

They offer a legitimate 10-year guarantee that will keep all their products fresh and up to date. 

Price List

Model Price
Faisal Sanitary 506 High Neck Side Pillar Cock De… Rs. 2,758
Faisal Sanitary 3000 Sink Bowl Mixer (Pull out Sh… Rs. 10,948
Faisal Sanitary 6400 Jota Sink Mixer (Chrome) Rs. 5,955
Faisal Sanitary 7403 Double Bib Cock (Single Head… Rs. 2,922
Faisal Sanitary 1708 Bolan Range Bib Cock (Chrome) Rs. 2,013
Faisal Sanitary 1903 Noble Series Double Bib Cock… Rs. 2,568
Faisal Sanitary 5703 Novia Series Double Bib Cock Rs. 2,568
Faisal Sanitary 2308 Omega Series Bib Cock (Youth… Rs. 1,887
Faisal Sanitary 603 Double Bib Cock Swan Range (C… Rs. 3,115
Faisal Sanitary 1703 Double Bib Cock Bolan Range … Rs. 3,175
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