Face Cleanser Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Face Cleanser in Pakistan is Rs.28 and estimated average price is Rs.647.


Pampering your skin with rich vitamins, herbal remedies and cleansing exfoliation can be healing and relaxing. The face cleanser products available on Shopsy have natural ingredients such as Alo Vera, Essential Oils, Cucumber, Charcoal and Clay that will remove excess buildup of oil, sun damage, pollution and toxins deeply from the pores leaving skin feeling light and bright.


One-Step Solution

The face cleanser can be a lightweight clear liquid, non-greasy gel or heavy balm and cream-based formula designed to provide thorough cleansing. The Bioderma, St Ives, Nivea, Saeed Ghami and many other beauty brands have their face cleansing products. They can be used as both a makeup remover and part of your do it yourself facial kit. These face cleaners are gentle and hydrating with the ability to breakdown and dissolve tough foundation coverage and end of the day dried out mascara leaving the skin feeling natural and soft. Face cleaners have antiseptic and antifungal amino acids that help remove unwanted particles of dirt, pollution and dead skin.  

Unclogging Pores

The build-up of oils on the skin can be triggered by environmental elements like sunlight, humidity and heat. The skin feels heavy and dull because the pores are clogged and unable to breathe. The blockage of pores results in acne, pimples and blackheads that can make the skin feel rough and dry. By cleansing the skin daily with a face cleaner ensures that it stayed free from bacteria and toxins leaving it clear and smooth. 

Price List

Model Price
HB-11 Double Action Cleanser 30 Grams Rs. 28
Neutrogena Skin Detox Triple Micellar Water Cleanser - 400ml Rs. 1,540
Ponds Clear Solution Mineral Clay Face Cleanser 90gm Rs. 618
Elf Daily Face Cleanser Rs. 1,391
Aloe Vera Face Cleanser Rs. 485
ELF Daily Face Cleanser Rs. 1,200
Goat Milk Face Cleanser Rs. 485
Oriflame-Pure Skin Deep Cleanse Face Wash, 150ml Rs. 1,260
Ponds Pure White Mineral Clay Face Cleanser Scrub 90gm Rs. 624
W7 Clean Face Electric Cleanser Replacement Brush Rs. 775
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