Fa Body Spray Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Fa Body Spray in Pakistan is Rs.205 and estimated average price is Rs.452.


Fa is one of the more well-known brands for deodorants in the forms of roll-ons and body sprays as well. The body sprays from Fa are easier to apply and some people prefer them generally too. The prices are affordable, making them accessible.


Fa is a brand under Henkel AG & Co, a German company that is one of the largest producers of consumer goods akin to Uniliver or P&G.

The Fa body spray collection has a lot of options for men and women. The scents include some that capture the scent of a region like polar or a feeling like fresh. There are also sporty options these scents are invigorating so one gets a kick while being active. 

The scents have names that are telling of what they are like, with names such as Caribbean Lemon, Natural & Pure, Exotic Garden, Purple Passion and Perfect Wave.

Using the Fa body sprays gets many hours of protection from smell, the brand claims 48 hours on some and up to 72 hours on other sprays. This is a lot of cover and would be great for someone who is out and about long hours.

Most people use body sprays after they shower. The prices of the Fa body sprays is in an affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
Fa Body Spray Pink (200ml) Rs. 205
Fa Fresh & Dry Body Spray 200 ML Rs. 425
Fa Exotic Garden Body Spray – 200 ml Rs. 385
Fa Body Spray Floral Protect 200 ML Rs. 425
Fa Deodorant Spray Natural & Pure 200ml Rs. 365
Fa Caribbean Lemon Body Spray Rs. 265
Fa Body Spray Purple Passion (200ml) Rs. 210
Fa Body Spray Perfect Wave (200ml) Rs. 210
Fa Natural Care & Fresh Body Spray – 200 ml Rs. 520
Fa Deodorant Spray Sport 200ml Rs. 625
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