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The Lowest price of Exercise Bike in Pakistan is Rs.245 and estimated average price is Rs.25,205.


Used as a convenient weight loss home exercise machine that offers low impact workouts ideal for those who have any spinal injuries or misalignment issues. The most popular cycling machine design is the Upright cycle that is the most affordable and common static cycling machine available.


Basic Information 

Cycling machines are static exercise bikes frequently seen in a home gym or as a stand-alone home fitness equipment for adults. Upright design is the entry-level for beginners with a sedentary lifestyle. Unlike treadmills or elliptical machines that are large and bulky, the cycling machine is compact and light. To build leg, back and abdominal muscle quickly while building stamina the cycling action is a complete workout. There are cycling machines that have back support ideal for consumers with past injuries. Cycling is already a low impact workout but added protection to the spine ensures there is no excessive pressure.

Types of Machines

The combination or hybrid cycling machine designs use the best features of a variety of styles creating the perfect family bike. There are plenty of adjustments and height changes along with levels of resistance that ensure it can be customised accordingly to each family member. The self-powered machines are an excellent way to ensure that the machine does not need a direct power socket and can keep running without direct electricity. Pakistan has load shedding problems throughout the year that can damage and fuse expensive equipment easily. The option of buying a machine that uses its power saves money and space as you won't need to move around any furniture to make space for the bike. 

Advanced Features

There are advanced bikes with training programs, screen displays and personalised resistance controls that ensure you can slowly build the stamina and muscles to improve your health. Cycling has become smart powered with excellent synchronised features with mobile applications, music playing and personalised programming that will remember all your workout routines. The seat of the cycling machine must be comfortable and adjustable so that you are stable and secure while working out. As cycling is a low impact sport and cross country marathon training can be done on an indoor cycling machine.

Price List

Model Price
Be active Knee brace Pressure Point Brace Back Pain Relief … Rs. 245
Multi Functions Exercise Mini Bike Slim Line Rs. 7,199
Snk Fitness Exercise Bike Training Bicycle Cardio Fitness S… Rs. 12,999
Orbitrac Elliptical Cycle Exercise Bike Air bike - Grey & B… Rs. 40,000
Cardio Exercise Bike - Blue and White Rs. 14,449
Liveup Pedal Exerciser - Ls9052 Rs. 5,850
Zero Healthcare X Mega Bike (Exercise Bike) Rs. 43,000
Wangmao Adjustable Foot Chest Pedal Tension Rope Multifunct… Rs. 399
Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser, Mini Exercise Peddler For Senior… Rs. 5,499
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