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The Lowest price of Essential Oils in Pakistan is Rs.170 and estimated average price is Rs.784.


Essential oils are used for their therapeutic effects as well as their aroma. They differ from fixed oils, or as fixed oils are commonly referred to as just 'oils'. Essential oils are generally sold in smaller quantities and are expensive.


The essential oil of a plant is distilled from the leaves, bark, roots and other aromatic parts of the plant. In comparison, the oil is extracted by pressing the fatty portions of the plant, which include the seeds, kernels or nuts.

Essential oils contain a lot of the aroma bearing compounds from whichever plant they are extracted, that is why they have a very strong scent. They are often added to various diffusers so they can spread out around the space.

Uses of essential oils

One can find essential oils used in soaps, perfumes, cosmetics and to flavour drinks or food. They are also used in therapy where the healing is ascribed to the aromatic compounds.

Essential oils can be ingested in very small quantities, anything more can cause a reaction from allergic to others. The reaction depends on the person who is ingesting it and their individual bio-chemistry. Aromatherapy is a more common use, as many do have a relaxing effect.

Lavender oil is the go-to for relaxation. Peppermint is used to aid digestion and boost energy. Sandalwood is used to calm nerves and help focus as well. Ylang-Ylang is helpful for headaches, nausea and skin conditions. To boost immunity and fight infections one can use Tea Tree. Like this, various oils have their specific uses defined over time. 

Another use of essential oils is as pesticides, certain oils have shown to keep aways bugs from plants. The negative effects seem to be more intense for bugs and pests, mammals are not affected in a similar manner. This makes for green-pesticides that do not have long-lasting damage on the environment.

Dangers of essential oils

There have been many recorded cases of poisoning, especially with kids. Given the smell, children seem to think that an essential oil may perhaps also taste good, as taste is largely based on smell as well. The effects are worse for children due to their thinner skin and immature livers, meaning they are more susceptible to the toxic effects.

Even grown-ups can consume a very small dose of essential oils. Some essential oils can cause contact dermatitis. Pregnant women should be careful when using essential oils, as their sense of smell is heightened and essential oil can cause a headache, vertigo or nausea.

The toxicity in relevance to quantity depends on the specific oil as each has a different mix of compounds in it; some are more toxic than others in the same quantity.


Essential oils are pricey and mostly sold in small quantities as they are used in mere drops. 

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Montrell Essentials Shea Butter Grape Seed Oil Bo… Rs. 1,325
Cedarwood (Essential oil) -20 ml Rs. 749
Oriflame Essentials Multi-Purpose Cream with Vita… Rs. 1,419
CoNatural Lemongrass Essential Oil, 10ml Rs. 693
Montrell Essentials Jojoba Oil & Vanilla Extract … Rs. 1,035
Montrell Essentials Jojoba Oil & Freesia Extract … Rs. 1,035
Loccitane 5 Essential Oils Shampoo - 35ml Rs. 1,500
Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Face Wash, Oil F… Rs. 515
CoNatural Cedarwood Essential Oil, 10ml Rs. 541
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