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Esajee is a long-standing chain of grocery stores started in 1901. Esajee & Sons located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan from the time of British rule of the Indian sub-continent. They changed their name from Esajee & Sons to Esajee & Co. when the store moved to Islamabad in 1965. They have two stores in Lahore along with an up to date online E-shopping store that can be accessed on any laptop, desktop and through smartphone mobile application.


SuperStore International Brands 

Finding the best quality product for your family can be impossible with customs tax rate and expensive shipping when ordering from international sites. To make it easier for Pakistani families to access their favourite chocolates, cheese, jams, milk, sauces and other international food brands, The chocolate range has white, extra dark chocolate along with other boxed sets for gifts. They have Quality Street, Celebration and other mix set ideal for adults and children. The Elit Chocolate is available that is made from the finest quality cacao. Esajee stocks both local and international brands of chocolates at their store.  

Esajee has stocked all possible favourites. There are luxurious teas, spices, keto products, coffee and canned food not available in the local markets. NESCAFÉ Arabiana is available for coffee lovers that can be mixed instantly into hot water with an added taste of cardamom flavour. Esajee has a large supply chain that can accommodate remote areas of Pakistan to metropolis major cities from Karachi to Peshawar. They have the best quality packaged milk products from full cream to soy. The Dietmil coconut milk is proven to help with weight loss and improve heart health, exclusively available at Esajee stores. They also stock local milk products ensuring that budget-friendly options are always available along with their premium international products.

Produce & Groceries 

There is natural organic selection of Dutch cheese and other global cheese brands that are delicious. A professional baker and cook will be able to find all their essential ingredients at Esajee. If you create complicated dishes at home or at a restaurant, their online store will ensure you receive your products and ingredients at your doorstep. They have salted butter, organic natural ghee from various brands along with stocking the Carrington Farms Organic Ghee. Essential staples such as cooking oil and rice are also available at competitive prices. 

On any visit to Esajee their wide range of fun snacks and drinks will be able to satisfy any craving. They also have the Delux Zenius Coffee Machine that helps bring gourmet coffee into the comfort of your own home. The freshes coffee ground beans from all around the world are available in large to medium to small packages easy to select according to your personal requirements.   

Home Care Products 

There are high-quality detergents and cleaning supplies with a chemical-free range unavailable anywhere else in the mainstream market. The selection of soaps is luxurious and safe to use by the whole family. The international cleaning products include the Cif Floor Cleaner that can be used on a variety of surfaces, the Astonish wood cleaner for wood, veneer and laminated floors along with other specialised products to cater to your exact needs. 

Personal Care Products

All essential toiletries are available for both men and women including hygiene, beauty and cosmetics. The popular hair colour brands include Color Naturals by Garnier along with Loreal products. 

Pet Care 

The high-quality pet food product is called Pedigree Chicken and Vegetables which is a healthy and complete meal for your adult dog. There is cat food and other accessories available at Esajee. Toys, chains, leashes and blankets are available for pets. 

Car Care 

The popular product called Turtle Ice Wash and Wax is considered the best car maintenance product. It has a thick formula that can shine your car and motorcycle. The car shampoo and brushes make it easy to keep your car looking brand new. There is a Black Magic Tire Wet Gel ideal for care wheels performance. The weather and rinse-resistant formula keep car tires looking fresh and new.

Customer Service & Sales

They have excellent customer service both online and telephone that will help with finding products, taking delivery orders and tracking the order until it has reached your home. There are frequent sales such as the annual winter sale that has a 25% discount on clothing available only In-Store. 

Price List

Model Price
Pam No Stick Cooking Spray Original 141 Grams Rs. 1,250
Ahmad 25 Tagged Tea Bags Earl Grey 50g Rs. 280
Fiji Natural Artesian Water Rs. 490
Nandos Peri-Peri Extra Hot Sauce 250g Rs. 790
Sasso Oliive Oil Pure Rs. 1,050
Shan Haleem Masala Rs. 80
Nutrica cow&gate growing up formula stage4 Rs. 1,160
Shan Nihari Masala Rs. 80
Suree Coconut Milk Liquid Rs. 380
Durex Condoms Excite Me Rs. 2,495
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