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The Lowest price of Epilator For Women in Pakistan is Rs.38 and estimated average price is Rs.2,158.


A device designed to pluck multiple hairs faster so you can avoid visits to the salon. Could be used as a last resort in times of hurry. A one time cost that can last a good few years if maintained well. There are variations the epilator heads, some can pluck a larger number of hair or are thinner for more precise spots.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick

  • Can remove shorter hair

  • One time cost

  • Convenient

  • Easy to use


  • Can cause inflammation

  • Loose skin areas can get pinched


About the epilator

An electronic device invented in 1986 that mechanically yanks out multiple hairs in a go the epilator is similar to tweezing hair except it hastens the process up. Like waxing as well but without the application of anything on the skin and it pulls out the hair but does not remove cells from the epithelium of the epidermis. 

Using an epilator

Using an epilator the first few times can be painful depending on skin type and the pain threshold, which varies from person to person. One of the benefits of using one is that you will have smoother skin for longer in comparison to shaving or hair removal creams, but this also does depend on how fast one's hair grows back. So for some people the timing may be a lot longer than others. For areas that have loose skin it is recommended to keep the skin taught using one hand and then using an epilator and going slow. You wouldn't want skin to get caught into it, that would be a lot more painful than the hair removal pain even. There are also epilators with varied head sizes so you can use the size which fits the area best. 

Advantages of owning one

The advantages with epilators being that you can use them yourselves and are a cheaper alternative since it is a one time cost; you'd have to run one into the ground after having it for long and then need a replacement. Another great thing is that you only need hair that is about 2 millimetres long to epilate with most epilators so there is no need to wait many days for hair to grow back. Some epilators remove hair as shorts as .05 millimetres so keeping your skin clear of hair is a lot faster and efficient. Anecdotal evidence suggests that using an epilator reduces hair, makes the hair thinner and lighter (akin to waxing) which in turn makes epilating again easier.


On the flip side, epilators can cause some inflammation and minute bleeding when the hair gets pulled out, but usually, after the first time the hair follicle heals and becomes more resilient and doesn't bleed. The skin damage otherwise happens only with areas that have more loose skin.

Added information

Epilators are convenient and save money and initially one can go slow to get used to it, there are also the options of heads that have more tweezer counts so they work faster. Use them in a well-lit room so you can see the skin better and keep it taught reducing the chances of getting it caught. Some of the famous brands are Braun, Remington, Emjoi Epi Slim, Phillips and Panasonic.

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Model Price
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Kemei 7 In 1 Multi Functional Rechargeable Wet Dry Women Sh… Rs. 4,899
Kemei KM 3068 Hair Remover -Professional Epilator For Women… Rs. 2,499
KEMEI 3 in 1 Lady Epilator Depilatory Women Electric Kemei … Rs. 3,299
Women USB Rechargable Electric Painless Hair Removal Facial… Rs. 1,356
Km 2199 - 5 In 1 Lady Hair Epilator Tools Kit Rs. 2,449
100% Original Kemei 5 in 1 Rechargeable Epilator For Women … Rs. 3,999
Km 2199 - 5 In 1 Lady Hair Epilator Tools Kit Rs. 2,499
KM-2068 - 2 In 1 Lady Washable Automatic Shaver Epilator Fo… Rs. 1,999
Painless Hair Remover - Female Trimmer Facial Hair Removal … Rs. 899
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