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Hair gel is used to hold one's hair in a certain style. Enliven is a brand based in Britain which produces a few various hair gels that have different levels of holding power. One can choose the hold level they want based on the style they have in mind. The price of this range is in the lower ranges.


Enliven hair gel

Enliven hair gel is produced in Britain. The gels have Vitamin-B5 added into them which is said to help the growth of individual hair shafts.

The labels have a hold level rating on them, this can be from 2 to 5. The higher the number the stronger the hair gel is. All the various numbers also have a descriptive word set on the side, 2 is Wet, 3 is Firm, 4 is Extreme and 5 is Ultimate.

The colour of the Eleven hair gels is also different for each type, but this colour is only for the gel and does not show on or transfer onto the hair.

General info

One should wash out hair products such as gel before going to bed. The amount used depends on what kind of style you want and it can be applied to wet or dry hair.


The price of Enliven hair gel is in the lower ranges, making it an affordable product.