English Toothpaste Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of English Toothpaste in Pakistan is Rs.62 and estimated average price is Rs.115.


A toothpaste that is made in partnership. English Toothpaste has 3 varieties from which customers can choose the specific one they need for oral care. Available at nominal prices.


English Toothpaste

English Toothpaste is a brand that is a partnership between Sarwana from Pakistan and Sohzism from the USA. This toothpaste brand that has 3 versions; English Toothpaste Antibacterial, English Toothpaste Cavity Protection and English Toothpaste Herbal.

The Antibacterial version has a mix that gives you 12 hours of protection on your teeth and gums. This has a spearmint flavour to keep the mouth fresh as well. Cavity Protection has double fluoride formula and is more geared for people who want to get more protection for cavities. The Herbal version has extracts from eucalyptus, black seed, clove, neem and mint. These all serve as natural active agents against germs and help oral health.

English Toothpaste is available for lower-end prices.

Price List

Model Price
English Tooth Paste Regularmint 70gm Rs. 62
English Antibacterial Toothpaste (brush Pack) Rs. 130
English Antibacterial Toothpaste (large Pack) Rs. 100
English Toothpaste Regularmint Brush Pack Rs. 81
English Tooth Paste Regularmint Brush Pack 70gm Rs. 80
English Herbal Toothpaste (brush Pack) Rs. 130
English Herbal Toothpaste (brush Pack) Rs. 130
English Tooth Paste Anti-Bacterial Brush 70g Rs. 80
English Cavity Protection Toothpaste (brush Pack) Rs. 130
English Tooth Paste Anti-bacterial Value 140g Rs. 145
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